Unique Attractions in Dorset, England

If you are looking for rambling city life, Dorset, England is not the location to visit.  However, if rural countryside is more your style, it most certainly is the place to visit.  The geography is varied in Dorset including hills, valleys, and the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site. There are other unique places in Dorset that make it a great place to travel.

Jurassic Coast

There are few places in the world where 180 million years of history can be traced to one location. The Jurassic Coast has cliffs that date from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods in the Mesozoic Era. The Jurassic Coast was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2005.

A myriad of landforms add to the beauty and awe of such an ancient geologic wonder. A natural limestone arch is located at Durdle Door. It is privately owned but is now open to the wider public. There is also the Isle of Portland that is tied by limestone only.  This is a very unique feature not found in many locations. These ties are called tombolos and connect beaches.

For the kids, Dinosaurland is sure to educate as well as entertain and they can do their very own fossil hunting. For the adults, there are many beaches to choose from for a relaxing afternoon or evening stroll.

Poole Harbor

This is the second largest harbor in the world second only to Sydney, Australia. It is a favorite gathering place for motorcycle enthusiasts during the months of April to September. Kite flying is a favorite pastime here and local pottery is a favorite keepsake.

There is a host of islands, inlets, peninsulas and other features in and around Poole Harbor. With each area have distinct properties of its own, there is a multitude of opportunity to explore and experience what is unique to this area.

Isle of Portland

On this isle, St. George’s church was built from Portland stone and it still remains today. In front of the church is a vast number of gravestones and tombs, all leaning in different directions, giving an eerie and somewhat spooky affect. Portland stone comes from a large landmass of excellent limestone.

Historic Houses and Gardens

Gardens in Dorset range from neatly organized, architectural gardens to more free forming, tropical gardens. The Athelhampton is a 15th century manor house that boasts the architectural gardens that are likely the best in England. The gardens are walled and have been listed as Garden 1 since 1891.There are topiaries, vistas, and fountains to explore and enjoy. The house has a Great Hall, a Great Chamber, and a wine cellar.

The Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens are walled as well but do not hold to the strict English architectural structure as the Athelhampton. In fact this garden is a micro-ecosystem that houses many exotic plants and animals. It has 20 acres of woodland valley. There is much to do for the children including a nature trail and adventure play area. For the adults, there is a teahouse to sit and relax.

Photo courtesy of Tony Armstrong

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