Making the Most of a Trip to Rome

metro bystanders
metro bystanders (Photo credit: nj dodge)

If you are a fan of looking around historical landmarks and incredible sights, then visiting Rome will be right up your street. When it comes to amazing architecture and rich history, it’s hard to think of anywhere that comes even close to Rome, and at the same time this is also a destination that features a warm climate and fantastic food and drink. In many ways it’s just as romantic as Paris, but it’s also a holiday where you can get a tan and enjoy spending some time in shorts and a t-shirt. Here we will look at how to make the most of a trip to Rome, and I’ll share some tips that can help you to ensure you enjoy your trip as much as possible.

The Metro

First of all you need to get familiar with the Metro. The Metro is an underground rail system which is very cheap to use and that is incredibly regular. Using the Metro it’s possible to reach almost any point in Rome in probably under an hour, and that makes it very important to familiarize yourself with.

When thinking about where you want to find your hotel, you need to make sure that you consider the Metro to be the most important consideration. Find somewhere that is near to a Metro and it won’t matter how far away anything you want to see is. If you aren’t near a Metro conversely you will be making the trip unnecessarily complicated and stressful.

The Landmarks

Now the question is, which of the sights should you visit and which should you spend a whole day viewing? Well one thing to note is that many of the most famous buildings and items can be visited in a single day and don’t require more than a few minutes to look around.

For instance it’s possible to do a walk through Rome that will take you past the Spanish Steps, the Trevis Foutain, various different squares and obelisks, the Pantheon and more. Doing this is a great way to spend a day if you have the energy as it can help you to really get that feeling of adventure and discovery as you come across each new ancient landmark. It also saves you a lot of time, and means you can come back to see more if you want to.

Meanwhile the Coliseum is well worth a day’s exploration in itself, and you can easily tie this in with the Roman Forum that is right next door. Make sure that you keep these things close together. St Peter’s Square, the Vatican and the Basilica are also worth visiting for a whole day and there’s more here to see and do than you might think. I would recommend anyone who is fit enough climbing the stairs to the top of the dome in order to enjoy a spectacular view.

And finally, you should also come back here in the evening. Not only does the square look beautiful at this time when it’s quieter, but you will also be able to do night tours of the Vatican museum. This is a fascinating experience in itself (with Mummies and famous paintings and much more to see), but in the evening it feels much more exciting.

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