Malaysia Flight 370 Deters Travel in Region

777 rolled out at Boeing factory.
777 rolled out at Boeing factory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would think that travel to Malaysia would be stalling with the disappearance of the 777 known as Flight 370 worldwide. One report from Germany details a drop in web traffic from Germans looking to book hotels and flights going to the Asian country. The country itself is not reporting any drop in travel, to contradict what others are saying.

The Boeing 777 disappeared almost 2 weeks with 239 passengers who are now feared dead. The location of the plane has been widely speculated but seems to be in the ocean off of Australia from news that has come forth over the past two days. Tourism is very important to the growth of the country which also produces palm oil, petroleum and electronics.

US based website is reporting similar action in the US as was reported in Germany. They say bookings to Malaysia are down 22% since reports of the airplane missing started being reported. The company also operates in New Zealand and Australia. It found similar reductions in web traffic in these countries for people searching for hotels.

India is the biggest source of tourism to Malaysia and according to officials in Malaysia, there has not been a drop-off. The country is actively pursuing travelers from India with a long-term campaign. China might be a different situation according to some off the record comments, as Flight 370 was full on Chinese citizens.

The Trend of Live Thai Music

A teacher of traditional music at his house in...
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There are many places you can find amazing Thai music, if you are a music lover, then I am certain you will find a place where your favorite music genre is played. Thailand, also called the Kingdom of Siam, is a country in the south east Asia. Many tourists flock this country every year from all over the world for different reasons but the most common are massages, spiritual healings, the great beaches, live Thai music and food. The infamous live Thailand music is a growing trend because generally, the Thai people love singing and this is shredded in the traditions and cultures of the country.

The most popular forms of music or genres in Thailand include Rock, RnB, Jazz, blues, soul, country, neo-soul, club, hip-hop and rap and local modern Thai music. Since the Thai culture is the melting pot of many world traditions, you will discover that the many bars and arenas play almost any imaginable genre of music in the world. The only thing you will need to do is to find out which bars, clubs, coffee houses or lounges play your kind of music and during which days or what times and make plans to be there on time.
If you do not like the hustle and bustle associated with the Thai music in Bangkok, then you can go to other towns and provinces and experience different genres of music without all the hassles of too many tourists.

There are many popular pubs and clubs in many cities across Thailand that play great music and host many different artistes from the rest of the country and all over the world. To complement the great Thai music, there are also amazing beaches, hotels, food and the renowned Thai massages. If you want to experience life changing entertainment, then you should try Live Thai music.

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