where to stay in hawaii with kids?


We’re planning a family vacation to Hawaii. (10+ people) We’re looking for some sort of all-inclusive resort. We’ll have a toddler and infant with us. Please help with suggestions on where to stay. Somewhere with villas perhaps. A nice spa and golf resort? Thanks much!

Best reply by Angela Colandro:

I would go to Disney Land. There’s so many activites to chose from and it’s fun for all ages. It is the cleanest park I have ever been to. Hotels are right near the park and most of them have pools and maids even fold the towels to look like Disney charecters. Hope this helped.

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where to stay in hawaii with kids?

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Safe to vacation Naples FLorida with hurricane forming?


I have a vacation to Naples, Florida Sept 3rd- through the 9th.. I see there is a hurricane developing in the Atlantic (Danielle ) I think.. is it safe for me to go.. and is it safe to assume it will be raining the entire time I am down there?

Best reply by Marchelo :D:

I live in Miami, FL. I am currently here now, it hasn’t been raining too much… although it is raining now. Earlier today around 8 a.m to 12:30 p.m it was beautiful, hot, typical Floridian weather. It will be safe, I guarantee. I cannot guarantee that it will not rain. You might want to check your local news website for more information on the weather. I hope this helps! Goodluck with your vacation too!

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Safe to vacation Naples FLorida with hurricane forming?

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