Cabana Bay Beach Resort: Bringing Back The 50s And 60s

Universal Orlando Resort
Universal Orlando Resort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Universal Orlando just turned around Orlando vacations by opening a new retro resort known as Cabana Bay Beach Resort, a resort that brings back the memories of the 50s and 60s but with a modern touch. The entrance to the new entity of Universal Orlando gives the visitor an impression of bellhop Jerry Lewis, the Jetsons, and Don Draper in the lounge. Actually, one member of the creative team at Universal confessed they enjoyed coming up with the resort and you can really see what he means.

The Size

The resort stands on a property that holds 1,800 rooms that can accommodate about 9,000 guests. The property mimics the exclusive Doo Wop architecture in Wildwood, New Jersey, with the roadside motels aping the magnificence of Americana Hotel. Additionally, the property consists of wide courtyards that remind you of the outdoor designs of the mid-century, complete with big zero-entry pools that offer visitors wholesome recreation. In fact, the only two things missing include the Frankie and Annette.

The Pricing

Of all the resorts that belong to Universal Orlando, Cabana Bay boasts as the first resort to offer reasonable prices. The rates begin at 99 US dollars for all residents of Florida during the mid of August and thereafter the rate per night begins at about 124 US dollars. The pricing of the resort made Christine Hardenberger, the proprietor of MMP Travel, a firm that deals in Orlando vacations, to admit that the Space Aged-themed hotel offers smart business in the year 2014.

The Theme at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

• First, you notice the sign towering the circular driveway that promises guests of color television and air conditioning.
• Four sparkling cars, a 1957 Ford Country Squire Wagon, a 1961 Chevrolet Impala, a 1958 Chrysler Imperial, and a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster welcome guests as they enter the resort.
• A Westclox analog clock, ticking in the old school fashion, tops every nightstand.
• Zest as well as Alberto VO5 shampoo and a rinse of cream make up the complimentary toiletries.
• The male symbols at the restrooms of Cabana Bay don a fedora complete with a necktie.