Broadway: New York’s Famous Theatre District

Broadway Theatre, Catford, SE6
Broadway Theatre, Catford, SE6 (Photo credit: Ewan-M)

Along with London’s West End, Broadway in New York is seen as the height of quality on the theatre stage in the English-speaking world.

It wasn’t until after the middle of the 18th century that the theatrical arts gained a foothold in New York.

Broadway at the Beginning

The earliest establishments had audience capacities of less than 300 and tended to show Shakespeare plays and Ballad Operas – and English show style which took from traditional Italian opera, but was a feature of songs interspersed with dialogue.

When the American War of Independence broke out in 1775 productions were suspended until 1798 when a 2000-seater theatre was built on what is now known as Park Row.

A New York Establishment

Through the early to mid-nineteenth century more and more theatres were established, in Lower Manhattan, and when Niblo’s Garden was established at Broadway and Prince Street in the late 1820’s it quickly became one of the most popular nightspots in New York. With 3000 seats it showed a huge variety of musical and non-musical shows.

A class divide soon reared its head when a riot broke out at the Astor Palace theatre in 1849. The American Shakespearean actor Edwin Forrest whom had a professional rivalry with British actor William Macready, had a dedicated working-class following, a divide which also split their fans.

Perceiving snobbery from the upper-class audience, the lower-class patrons grew increasingly unsettled until the state militia had to be called to restore order, with nearly two dozen people reported to have been killed.

From that point on opera, minstrel shows and melodramas were chiefly frequented by the upper and middle-classes, while the lower-classes kept to the saloons and the variety shows.

At the beginning of the 20th century electrified signs to were used advertise the show names above the theatres, but rather than using coloured lights which apparently burned-out too quickly, bright white lights were favoured earning Broadway between 42nd and 53rd Streets the nickname “The Great White Way.” The phrase appeared in the headline of a newspaper article, inspired by the lights and billboards, particularly around Times Square.

Broadway Today

Today it is one of the most popular attractions for tourists on New York holidays to see the streets lined with history, turmoil and triumph.

There was a period in the early 20th century that when silent movies with live musical accompaniments came along, it was only a matter of time before the traditional theatre would disappear. However, that early panic stoked by the new technology couldn’t be further from the truth.

In 2011, between the 40 or so establishments classed as Broadway Theatres (more than 500 seats in the Theatre District) they took more than $1 Billion in ticket sales.

One of the big draws these days are the Hollywood A-listers who are taking to the boards for some of the short-run shows, which are these days frequently picking-up Tony Awards, the highest accolade for a Broadway show.

2011 took millions of Dollars more on the door than the previous year, so it looks like that no matter what happens audiences will still be seeking entertainment in the most famous theatre district in the world.

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Unique Attractions in Dorset, England

If you are looking for rambling city life, Dorset, England is not the location to visit.  However, if rural countryside is more your style, it most certainly is the place to visit.  The geography is varied in Dorset including hills, valleys, and the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site. There are other unique places in Dorset that make it a great place to travel.

Jurassic Coast

There are few places in the world where 180 million years of history can be traced to one location. The Jurassic Coast has cliffs that date from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods in the Mesozoic Era. The Jurassic Coast was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2005.

A myriad of landforms add to the beauty and awe of such an ancient geologic wonder. A natural limestone arch is located at Durdle Door. It is privately owned but is now open to the wider public. There is also the Isle of Portland that is tied by limestone only.  This is a very unique feature not found in many locations. These ties are called tombolos and connect beaches.

For the kids, Dinosaurland is sure to educate as well as entertain and they can do their very own fossil hunting. For the adults, there are many beaches to choose from for a relaxing afternoon or evening stroll.

Poole Harbor

This is the second largest harbor in the world second only to Sydney, Australia. It is a favorite gathering place for motorcycle enthusiasts during the months of April to September. Kite flying is a favorite pastime here and local pottery is a favorite keepsake.

There is a host of islands, inlets, peninsulas and other features in and around Poole Harbor. With each area have distinct properties of its own, there is a multitude of opportunity to explore and experience what is unique to this area.

Isle of Portland

On this isle, St. George’s church was built from Portland stone and it still remains today. In front of the church is a vast number of gravestones and tombs, all leaning in different directions, giving an eerie and somewhat spooky affect. Portland stone comes from a large landmass of excellent limestone.

Historic Houses and Gardens

Gardens in Dorset range from neatly organized, architectural gardens to more free forming, tropical gardens. The Athelhampton is a 15th century manor house that boasts the architectural gardens that are likely the best in England. The gardens are walled and have been listed as Garden 1 since 1891.There are topiaries, vistas, and fountains to explore and enjoy. The house has a Great Hall, a Great Chamber, and a wine cellar.

The Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens are walled as well but do not hold to the strict English architectural structure as the Athelhampton. In fact this garden is a micro-ecosystem that houses many exotic plants and animals. It has 20 acres of woodland valley. There is much to do for the children including a nature trail and adventure play area. For the adults, there is a teahouse to sit and relax.

Photo courtesy of Tony Armstrong

If you are planning on visiting this unique destination, why not rent a holiday cottage Dorset?  The Owner’s Direct website has lots for you to choose from and it is sure to make your holiday that little bit more extraordinary.

The Advantages of Bottle Beach

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Bottle Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the tropical Thai island of Koh Phangan. It is located on the northern coastline of the island and has long been a favorite with experienced traveler’s in Asia. This post will take a closer look at Bottle Beach and discover what, if any, are the advantages of the beach.

In the 1990s Bottle Beach was perhaps the coolest destination on Koh Phangan. This was because the beach was so inaccessible. It used to be that the only way to get to Bottle Beach was via a longtail boat taxi from Chaloklum or a trek through the jungle. It was not a place to visit for 2 nights because of the risk of getting stuck on Bottle Beach.

Moreover the accommodation on Bottle Beach consisted of a couple of places with cheap wooden bungalows offering only fans and mosquito nets as facilities. Bottle Beach was a place for people to stay cheaply for months at a time. An isolated place far removed from the cares of the world.

That all changed when the road between Thong Nai Pan and Bottle Beach was built. Suddenly the beach was no longer cut off from the world. Around the same time electricity arrived on the beach and new bungalow outfits emerged that were imaginatively called Bottle Beach 2 and Bottle Beach 3. For many when this happened, Haad Khuat or Bottle Beach lost its appeal.

Nevertheless the main advantage of Bottle Beach has always been its perfect crescent shaped beach with white sand and clear blue waters. The beach and water remain just as clean and attractive as ever. Furthermore, the bungalows on Bottle Beach offer hot water and air-con.

The hippy heyday of Bottle Beach might have passed but it is still a great beach to stay on. It is one of the quietest and most beautiful beaches in Koh Phangan.

3 Ways To Get Airline Tickets Cheap

Baggage claim area in Terminal 1 of McCarran I...
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If your looking to visit a friend somewhere far off or a family member in another state but you can’t stand the thought of driving that long of a distance you may have considered flying as an alternative.  So in this article I’m going to give you three saving money tips you need to find dirt cheap airline tickets.

Plan Ahead. First off, consider planning ahead by checking out rates early.  You can order airline tickets up to 330 days in advance.  Researching your ticket price early allows you to gauge what is a cheap ticket price and what is an expensive price to pay.

Once you’ve got a good idea after checking prices for a while buy when their cheap.  For example, one year I was going to Los Angles for a conference and I started 6 months ahead of time looking at prices.  In the end I save over $40 because I watched the market.

Fly The Right Day. The next thing you need to do is fly the right day.  I understand it’s not always possible to fly the day want when it comes to work and scheduled events but if it is in your control the day you fly can have a significant difference in price.

For example I had a family member who was flying down south and found that flying on a Tuesday was nearly $50 cheaper than flying on the week end.  In fact Tuesdays and Wednesday are typically cheaper than most other days.

Check Different Airports. Finally, when it comes to finding dirt cheap airline tickets try looking at surrounding airports.  In fact one time I was flying to Las Vegas and to fly out of Dayton Ohio was nearly $100 more than flying out of Indianapolis.

In the end if you follow my airline buying tips you’ll be sure to find the deal you want and not have to make that long drive in the end.

3 Fantastic Destinations

A wide spot in the Tuolumne River as it passes...
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You must love vacations and planning for it is crucial for you. As crucial as fighting weight loss plateau in fitness, preparing a variety with your vacation is something that needs careful planning and variety. Here are a few ideas that you may want to add to your current list.

Destination No. 1 – If you are a person who loves photography and a lot of outdoor experience, outdoor River Specialists may have the vacation you are looking for. O.A.R.S. as it is called, has been arranging great vacations since 1969. The good news is – among their packages are their Photography Trips. Your destinations will head out into the scenic American Western landscape with great naturalist guides and as well as a professional photographer to help you out.

The good goal is to help you in attaining the best possible nature photography shots. This adventure would also include great hiking and camping in some of the most wonderful areas of the country like the Wild and Scenic Tuolumne River in Californa or the wilderness of the Main Salmon in Idaho.

Destination No. 2 – Have you ever tried of a Llama trekking adventure vacation? Well, this is a fun and different idea to spend your time with. As they say, Deli Llama Wilderness Adventure is one outfitter that offers these trips on the beautiful coast of Washington Sate. The great and friendly llamas are perfect trail companions.

DestinationNo. 3 – Now, if you are looking forward to do something unusual and maybe strange for you on your next vacation, why not attend the World Championship of Rotary Tiller Race? Do you know that every year the town of Emerson, in southwestern Arkansas, creates the PurpleHull Pea Festival at the end of June?  The “world record” is an amazing 24 miles per hour. Well, some say it’s a little wacky but it has a lot of fun. While you are present, you can enjoy the pea-shelling contests, fireworks display, the PurpleHull Pageant and the Million Tiller Parade.

Enjoying Great Log Cabin Holidays

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It is a fact that during the holidays, having a place to go that is comfortable and relaxing is a very important thing to consider. There are not always a many great acceptable choices available for people looking for the perfect spot. Log cabin holidays are often thought to be an option that will bring out the best for vacations and celebrations. Resort holidays will let you enjoy the serenity and attractive scenes of the area, in many wonderful ways. A beautiful and peaceful holiday can be yours when you obtain a log cabin for yourself and your guests. Information abounds in regards to these cabin holidays when searching the many internet websites available to you. You are sure to find the best choice for enjoying your vacation in a very short time. This is the best way to discover all the options and packages available to you. It will be easy to choose the most affordable and beautiful site to suit your needs.

Cabins in the Lake District of England will provide everyone with absolute stunning scenery and a fine atmosphere for vacationing. This particular area of England is full of amazing variety and diversity. With the wide array of mountains and lakes located here, this location creates a very appealing atmosphere for your holiday. Wonderful days can be enjoyed when a comfortable log cabin is included with the lovely scenery. Cabins are superbly located so that many people can visit at various times that will be convenient to every group of vacationers. These great cabins are an excellent choice when you are searching for the perfect and affordable vacation site. Many cabins are available in a wide variety of sizes and prices. All in all, this location will provide families and friends with the very best for their holidays.

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