Romantic Activities to Enjoy on Vacation

A mountain trail in autumn, Provo, Utah, US.
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By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Some people prefer to relax on vacation while others enjoy being on the go. Even if you are more of a kick back and relax kind of person, you can still enjoy some sweet and romantic activities on your vacation. You don’t have to spend much – in some cases all it costs is time. Sometimes just spending time relaxing with your loved one is romantic enough. If you are looking for a more exciting activity or something very romantic you can do with your sweetheart on vacation, consider these suggestions.

From romantic weekend escapes to long cruises or vacations on land, any vacation for two can be romantic based on the prospect of getting away together. Rain or shine, you can still find fun and romantic things to do no matter where you travel!

  • Sip champagne or wine from a soft blanket while watching the sunset.
  • Take a walk holding hands on the beach. Plan it around sunset if you can!
  • Take a midnight skinny dip or relax in the hot tub or spa at your resort.
  • Embraced in each others’ arms, dance under the stars or sing to your loved one.
  • Plan a romantic dinner on the beach at the water’s edge. Enjoy candlelight, music, and delicious wine, champagne, or cocktails matched with your favorite food on the menu.
  • Enjoy a couples’ massage after the long trip to your destination.
  • Conclude the evening with a nightcap on your balcony, looking at the pretty views in the distance.
  • Begin your day with breakfast in bed, complete with mimosas (champagne and OJ).
  • Plan a special picnic at a romantic spot like the beach, park, or on a nature trail.
  • Go for a hike to see pretty sights like waterfalls and natural landmarks.

When you put your mind to it, you can probably think of many more romantic things to do on vacation. Be sure to plan several weekend getaways for couples each year as well as a longer vacation if you can manage it. This helps to keep your relationship exciting and the spark alive and well.