How to Make Romantic Trips More Affordable

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By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Vacations with your partner can be unforgettable and a great way to keep the spark alive in your marriage or relationship. If you can find creative ways to save money on your romantic trips, you can surely afford more special time away from home. There are many ways to make your romantic trips more affordable. Some trip destinations are cheaper than others, some transportation methods cost less than others, and some places of lodging can be the most affordable of all. Consider these tips to help you plan an affordable vacation with your loved one.

Before you get started planning your trip and looking for discounts, think about your hopes and expectations for the trip. Talk with your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend and come up with a few things you want to do while you are away. Here are some tips to help you make your romantic weekend escapes and longer vacations more affordable.

Tips for a Cheaper Vacation

  • Plan your trips during off-peak dates.
  • Search for last-minute discounts on cruises, flights, and all parts of your vacation.
  • Get a membership with AAA for savings on travel and so much more.
  • Rack up a lot of travel rewards with your credit cards and then use them to offset the cost.
  • Rack up a bunch of airline miles and then apply them to your next trip.
  • Purchase a copy of the Entertainment book specific to your travel destination for added discounts.
  • Scour the Internet for discounts and deals to enjoy on your trip.
  • If you stop at any welcome centers or rest stops, be sure to check the information center for deals.
  • Visit with the concierge at your hotel to learn about any special guest deals and discounts.
  • Consider cheaper vacation accommodations, especially camping, for a fun and affordable trip.
  • Plan to cook some of your meals in your room or at your campsite to save some money.

Use these tips to help you save money on your fun weekend getaways for couples and longer trips with your sweetheart. Save lots of money and go on trips more often – it’s a win-win!