3 Fantastic Destinations

A wide spot in the Tuolumne River as it passes...
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You must love vacations and planning for it is crucial for you. As crucial as fighting weight loss plateau in fitness, preparing a variety with your vacation is something that needs careful planning and variety. Here are a few ideas that you may want to add to your current list.

Destination No. 1 – If you are a person who loves photography and a lot of outdoor experience, outdoor River Specialists may have the vacation you are looking for. O.A.R.S. as it is called, has been arranging great vacations since 1969. The good news is – among their packages are their Photography Trips. Your destinations will head out into the scenic American Western landscape with great naturalist guides and as well as a professional photographer to help you out.

The good goal is to help you in attaining the best possible nature photography shots. This adventure would also include great hiking and camping in some of the most wonderful areas of the country like the Wild and Scenic Tuolumne River in Californa or the wilderness of the Main Salmon in Idaho.

Destination No. 2 – Have you ever tried of a Llama trekking adventure vacation? Well, this is a fun and different idea to spend your time with. As they say, Deli Llama Wilderness Adventure is one outfitter that offers these trips on the beautiful coast of Washington Sate. The great and friendly llamas are perfect trail companions.

DestinationNo. 3 – Now, if you are looking forward to do something unusual and maybe strange for you on your next vacation, why not attend the World Championship of Rotary Tiller Race? Do you know that every year the town of Emerson, in southwestern Arkansas, creates the PurpleHull Pea Festival at the end of June?  The “world record” is an amazing 24 miles per hour. Well, some say it’s a little wacky but it has a lot of fun. While you are present, you can enjoy the pea-shelling contests, fireworks display, the PurpleHull Pageant and the Million Tiller Parade.