Affordable Honeymoon Activities in the Caribbean

Dickenson Bay Beach in Antigua
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Any newlywed couple that desires to have an exotic honeymoon should go to the Caribbean. There are several affordable honeymoon activities in these islands that will add more romance to the honeymoon. For example in the Bahamas there are several outdoor activities that await the honeymooners. The newlyweds can go fishing together or simply go sightseeing. The couple can play childhood games in the sandy beaches and can also explore the underwater caves.

In the Grand Bahamas the honeymooners can play water sports, tennis, and golf at the various golf courses. The more adventurous honeymooners can go shark diving, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking or canoeing. They can also pass time walking in the parks and gardens. In the Caribbean a couple can also go horseback riding, hiking, or even go for a picnic. All these are affordable honeymoon activities that a couple can enjoy in the Caribbean.

To enjoy these activities the honeymooners can plan their romantic trip to the top Caribbean honeymoon destinations. One of these top destinations is Barbados, which is popularly known for its beaches and water activities. The most common activity here is horseback riding. The couple can also go to Bermuda to get away from the stresses of the wedding. Antigua is a paradise island and also one of the top honeymoon hotspots in the Caribbean. It is the home of several renowned resorts. Another top destination is the Dominican Republic, which has miles and miles of beaches. It is the ideal place for sun lovers.

The honeymooners can reduce their spending to travel on a budget by considering cheap honeymoon destinations. You can enjoy a romantic honeymoon without spending a fortune. However, cheap does not mean that you compromise on the quality of your honeymoon but simply means spending less. You can do this by looking for discounted offers. Cruises are a cheap option for honeymooners. The couple can also reduce their honeymoon cost by taking advantage of all-inclusive travel packages.

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