Family Travel Guide: Finding A Great Holiday Deal on a Limited Budget

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Traveling on a budget can often be a daunting task. Consumers can find a great deal if they shop around and are willing to make a few sacrifices. Some of the best kept secrets for saving money on a small travel budget will be explored.

Travel During Off Peak Times

Traveling during the autumn and winter months can often bring a significant savings, if proper research is conducted. For instance, traveling on a national holiday can result in significant savings for passengers that need to save money on the flight alone. Many flights are canceled due to inactivity on national holidays. Travel scheduled with foresight of the peak travel times will help to lower fares.

Accommodations during national holidays may also be more expensive. This may be the trade-off financially. Travel to a resort in another country where the exchange rates and accommodation prices are in your favor. As the peak of tourist season closes, resorts and airlines lower the prices to encourage tourism dollars during off-peak season.

Take an Alternative Mode of Transportation

Trains and buses are often cheaper than travel by airplane. Luxury buses are less crowded and are often geared toward tourism. These tickets are often a fraction of the cost of airline tickets. Gasoline for airline travel and bus travel is often expensive, but the fuel costs can be justified when there are multiple people traveling at once.

If you decide to drive, observe the speed limit and rent a hybrid vehicle to save on fuel costs. The more your save on fuel, the more economical your trip will be. Not only will the environmentalists thank you, but so will your purse at the end of the trip.

Schedule a Flight with Connections

Airline flights with connections are often cheaper than the direct flights that we all seem to prefer. If you have the time and the patience, try a connecting flight rather than a direct flight to save money. In the end that can save you a great deal of money.

Try an Online Auction for Hotels or Flight

Online auctions allow consumers to name their own price. Consumers set their own budget. If the company can meet their quoted price on hotel, car hire or flights, then the customer will get the deal they prefer and save a significant amount. Many travelers find this method of travel a great way to save especially if their plans are somewhat more flexible.

Stay Close to Home

Staying close to home has its benefits. A three-night excursion less than 500 miles from your home can be easily accomplished for under $199 per person in March. This price also includes car hire, flight and stay at a bed and breakfast. The price can even be reduced per person in off season, if you drive your own vehicle.

Book Your Travel Arrangements at the Last Minute

If you have the flexibility to wait, often airlines will significantly lower prices on airline flights that have not been filled or hotel rooms that have not been filled for the night. Many websites are dedicated to last minute travel. Travel arrangements, such as hotels, booked at the eleventh hour may often yield significant savings. These savings may even be found at four and five star resorts.


There are a number of savings tips that consumers may use to save on their travel. These are some of the most common tips to help consumers schedule a quality, budget-friendly trip away from their home.


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