Fun Ideas For A Long Weekend

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Long weekends are something to look forward to. They are the small check points that help us get from one big vacation to the next. Since most long weekends are 3 days it means that you have just enough time to do something special that a normal weekend can’t handle. With an extra 24 hours to burn there are certainly several options for having fun.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to have some fun on your 3 day weekend. Here are a few ideas that you can consider for your next miniature holiday:

  • Get a Massage– There’s nothing like an hour long massage to help you forget all of your stress. Let yourself drift away with a relaxing massage and before you know it everything will seem a little bit better. There are a lot of massage therapy clinics that offer special introductory rates so find a place that you’ve never been before and save some money.
  • Fancy Dinner– With an extra night to spare there’s no need to worry about staying out a little later and going to a nice dinner. You can find a restaurant that is a nice change of pace from what you’re used to that delivers an exciting atmosphere.
  • Take Dance Lessons– Spend one or two nights of your long weekend learning some cool new dance moves. Dance studios offer a variety of classes for both beginners and experienced dancers alike. If you have a significant other you can take them with you and you’ll have yourself a fun and romantic date.
  • Go To A Museum– Spending the day at a science museum or an art museum is a great way to experience some culture and have some fun. Art museums are great for a calm experience and science museums can be very education.
  • Get a tan– It’s summer time, and if you have been stretched thin on extra time with normal weekends, then a long weekend is the perfect time to work on that tan. Whether you go to a tanning salon or just sit out by the pool you can come back from your long weekend with a fresh new look.

If you have a long weekend coming up then now is the time to start determining how you will spend your extra day of freedom. Remember that there is no need to go bankrupt in order to have fun, you just need to get creative.

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  1. Your so right, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do without breaking your budget. I shop for online deals to fly and always search out coupons or discounts for eating places and entertainment. A little research goes a long way now days.

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