The Essential New York Bucket List

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Visiting New York is an amazing experience that will never be forgotten. One of the busiest cities in the world New York has long been known as the city that never sleeps. We’ve all seen the Hollywood movies that show the romance and excitement of the Big Apple and if you want a piece of all of that for yourself there is a certain amount of activities and places that you must visit to truly experience the whole of New York. Being one of the most famous cities on the planet we see a lot of the so called “normal” things to do if you live in New York, so to make sure you get to do them all as a visitor this list will remind you of some of the things you just have to whilst you are there.

  • Get a yellow taxi – You have not truly experienced New York until you have flagged down one of those famous yellow cabs which are found almost everywhere! They’re also the fastest way to get around the city so you’ll get to see more stuff.
  • Drink New York coffee – You must visit one of the many coffee shops found in New York and sip a cup of Joe unlike any other you have tasted before and experience coffee Central Perk style!
  • See the Statue of Liberty – Of course you can’t come to the Big Apple and not pay a visit to see Lady Liberty!
  • Eat a hotdog – There is pretty much a hotdog vendor on every corner and it would be a crime not to eat at least one hotdog during your stay.
  • See Times Square – The heart and soul of New York and definitely shouldn’t be missed. Why not plan a trip to New York around New Years Eve and catch the celebrations in Times Square?
  • Ice skating – I’m sure you’ve seen the movies where the guy meets a girl and they fall in love on the Rockefeller Ice Rink.  Why not plan your own romantic trip to New York during Christmas time and do it like they do in the movies!
  • Shop at Macy’s – New York is famous for its gigantic department stores so it’s only right that you be allowed to loosen the purse strings and buy a nice dress to remember New York by.
  • Climb the Empire State Building – This juggernaut of a landmark is the tallest building in New York and offers a view unlike any other! You’d be mad to pass up on a visit to such an attraction.
  • Watch a Broadway Show – Don’t worry, theatre isn’t just all Chicago and Cats. There is something for everyone in “New York, New Yo—rk!”
  • Run around Central Park – Or stroll, it’s your choice but I’m sure you are aware that Central Park is famous for being pretty much a runners paradise. So if you enjoy a bit of physical activity then get your running shoes on! If running isn’t for you then make sure you take the time to enjoy a picnic in the park instead.
  • Eat breakfast at 3am in an all night café – We’ve all seen it done in the movies and with many small cafés open 24 hours you can always find somewhere open to get that oh so New York 3am breakfast. Have pancakes if they’re available to make it extra authentic!

This inspirational travel article was written by Melvin who has lived and worked in New York City, and who writes for free New York travel guide, NewYork101.