Activities And Worldwide Destinations For the Perfect Date

Do you want to woo a lover, impress a partner or rekindle the flame in your marriage? Why not take your loved one on a perfect date and spend a day together you won’t forget? Here’s a list of wonderful activities that are sure to make the apple of your eye weak at the knees.


The Louvre Image Credit

Whisk your loved one away to the city of love and enjoy a perfect date in Paris. Explore the quaint little streets before indulging in a mouthwatering pastry and watching the world go by. Discover the Notre Dame de Paris before heading to the top of the Eiffel Tower for exquisite views over the whole capital. What better way to tell someone you love them than at the peak of one of the world’s most famous attractions?


Venice Image Credit

Hop on board a gondola and sail through the historic Italian city famed for its incredible beauty and wonderful architecture. Relax hand-in-hand as you discover the history of this fascinating place and loose yourself in the magic of the moment. Italy is well-known for its exquisite food, so why not spoil you lover to a romantic candle-lit dinner – just the two of you? Reflect on the day gone by whilst eating mouthwatering tiramisu and even enjoy a delicious glass of wine.

Hot air balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon Image Credit

Treat someone special in your life to an incredibly romantic hot air balloon ride and spend some quality time together. Enjoy wonderful panoramic views as you glide through the air and feel as free as a bird high up in the sky. Relax, unwind and simply enjoy being a couple, away from the routine of every day life. Everything seems so calm and peaceful up in the air and it is the perfect place to reaffirm your love – that’s if you are both ok with heights.

Pony Trekking

Pony Trekking Image Credit

Hire a couple of horses for the afternoon and ride off into the distance together. Enjoy a gentle walk up into the mountains or gallop along the beach and have plenty of fun in the open air. Explore the countryside like never before and spend hours discovering new places and talking the day away. Watch the sun go down as you head back to the stables, before finding a traditional pub for some well-deserved food.

Helicopter ride

Helicopter Ride over the Great Barrier Reef Image Credit

How about an adrenalin-fuelled helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon as THE perfect date? If you have always longed to see this spectacular place of beauty, why not head off on an adventure of a lifetime with your lover? Fly high into the skies and admire the sheer magnitude of this incredible attraction onboard a powerful and nippy chopper. Your heart will be racing but you might not know if it is out of fear, happiness, love, or all three.

Theatre and hotel

Luxury Suite Image Credit

Surprise your nearest and nearest to a wonderful theatre break in the heart of London. Experience the glitz and glam of Theatreland and take in a popular show before relaxing overnight in a top hotel. What could be better than spending the night away from home in the heart of a capital city? Enjoy a relaxed leisurely breakfast, before exploring some of the most famous attractions – just don’t forget the camera.

So, there you have it, a whole selection of date ideas to suit a range of different budgets. Now all you have to do is turn on the charm and hey presto!

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