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Ever since the advent of the Internet, people have been looking for ways to harness this technology, and use it to their benefit. Commonly known as the “information superhighway”, the Internet has long been a great resource for people because information is literally a click away. It has also drastically changed the way many people live their day-to-day lives. For example, instead of calling eight different hotels to find great information, consumers are easily able to search multiple hotel rates by way of different Internet search engines. Some of the most popular hotel booking websites include: Expedia,, and

Expedia allows consumers to book many different travel options, including: vacation packages, cruises, hotels, flights, and even car rentals. Expedia even features their exclusive best price guarantee, which entitles consumers to a full refund of their money plus a $50 travel voucher, should they receive a better rate at another website 24 hours prior to their trip. is also unique because it allows the consumer to name his or her own price for their trip. In addition to concrete prices for trips, allows consumers to “bid” on a certain vacation package, allowing for a savings of up to sixty percent in most cases.

However, is a relatively new website that allows consumers to search multiple hotel booking websites with one click. These particular kinds of websites are usually referred to as “comparison shopping websites”. compares hotel rates from some of the most popular hotel booking websites, including: Expedia,,, and Travelocity. As soon as the consumer clicks the search button on, multiple windows pop up, one from each of the above-mentioned hotel booking websites. This makes it incredibly easy for the consumer to see which hotels offer the cheapest rates for their specific dates of travel. is also not limited to strictly hotel bookings. It also helps the consumer comparison shop different sites for cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, flights, and more. is a very similar shopping comparison website to The main difference between
Nextag and kayak, is that Nextag not only allows consumers to comparison shop for hotel, vacation packages, cruises, flights, and car rentals, it also allow consumers to comparison shop for other items. Some of these items include: electronics, jewelry, toys, clothing, even office supplies.

These are just some of the many comparison websites available for travelers to comparison shop hotel, flight, and vacation packages. Similar websites are being created every day, and many more will inevitably exist in the future, forever changing the way consumers travel.

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