Landmarks and Districts of Paris in France

Paris Sunset from the Louvre windowTaking a holiday trip in France during Christmas, the Valentine’s day, the Thanksgiving weekend or even no special occasion at all is a great idea. The capital city of France, which is Paris, is where most tourists stay because of the many attractions found over there. Now that you are planning to spend a vacation in this popular city, make sure that you are familiar with the places you are going to visit. Do not just focus looking for cheap Paris flights, low rates of hotel accommodations or tour pa

ckages. You also have to learn some of the best places that you must see when visiting Paris.

What Can Entice You

Paris is a famous tourist spot because of the many landmarks and attractions offered here. You can probably identify some of the best attractions. There is the very popular tower called the Eiffel Tower, the ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Moulin Rouge. To add those and learn a few basic facts, read along below.

1. Eiffel Tower

The architectural design of this tower is obviously unique that’s why it is considered to be a famous landmark not only in the country or the whole Europe but also around the world. Built in the year 1889, Eiffel Tower is actually the tallest tower in Paris.

2. The Louvre Museum

This museum is an old, large and popular landmark in Paris. Most of the art pieces displayed here are known to many people from around the world. These include the painting of Mona Lisa, the Virgin and Child as well as cool, unique artifacts.

3. Moulin Rouge

Another landmark that was built in the same year when the Eiffel Tower was setup is the Moulin Rouge. This is a traditional, red windmill you can see in Paris.

Where to Stroll Around

Do not just be aware of the different landmarks in Paris. You also have to know some of the districts where you may spend some minutes or hours strolling within a day.

1. The Latin Quarter

This district where you have the freedom to shop, dine in and do several activities is a famous place to visit as well. It is where you can also find the first university built in the entire country.

2. Le Marais

If you want to see some ancient apartments and commercial establishments, stop by at this district. It is located near the river Seine which gives you a breathtaking view of the sunset.

3. Montparnasse

Another famous district in Paris is Montparnasse where you can see a lot of commercial buildings and luxury boutiques. This is also the favorite area of many popular personalities like Picasso and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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