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English: Taken during the evening on a sunny Orlando day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harry Potters casts his spell over Orlando

Universal Orlando is a popular Disney theme park and it is one holiday resort which gets better by the moment. Lots of holidaymakers favor Orlando Florida Vacations, knowing the kids will enjoy the Disney theme park. The world has been awaiting the opening of the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” this particular attraction offers a trip on the Hogwart’s Express and a ride through the caves at Gringotts Bank. Disney has created a unique attraction and London’s Diagon Alley has been recreated magnificently. Is it any wonder that Orlando Florida Vacations are so popular?

The original Wizarding World was opened in 2010 and thousands of Disney fans attended. Naturally ardent Disney fans raved about the attraction and this was one of the main reasons for constructing Diagon Alley.

If you have been on many great Orlando Florida vacations you may know the latest Disney attraction lies close to the Universal Studios in Florida. In fact this site once housed the famous “Jaws” attraction. The press has leaked snippets of information regarding the new Disney attraction, but much remains hidden from the public eye. If you are a Disney fan who dreams about Orlando Florida vacations it’s time to book your ticket.