Cabana Bay Beach Resort: Bringing Back The 50s And 60s

Universal Orlando Resort
Universal Orlando Resort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Universal Orlando just turned around Orlando vacations by opening a new retro resort known as Cabana Bay Beach Resort, a resort that brings back the memories of the 50s and 60s but with a modern touch. The entrance to the new entity of Universal Orlando gives the visitor an impression of bellhop Jerry Lewis, the Jetsons, and Don Draper in the lounge. Actually, one member of the creative team at Universal confessed they enjoyed coming up with the resort and you can really see what he means.

The Size

The resort stands on a property that holds 1,800 rooms that can accommodate about 9,000 guests. The property mimics the exclusive Doo Wop architecture in Wildwood, New Jersey, with the roadside motels aping the magnificence of Americana Hotel. Additionally, the property consists of wide courtyards that remind you of the outdoor designs of the mid-century, complete with big zero-entry pools that offer visitors wholesome recreation. In fact, the only two things missing include the Frankie and Annette.

The Pricing

Of all the resorts that belong to Universal Orlando, Cabana Bay boasts as the first resort to offer reasonable prices. The rates begin at 99 US dollars for all residents of Florida during the mid of August and thereafter the rate per night begins at about 124 US dollars. The pricing of the resort made Christine Hardenberger, the proprietor of MMP Travel, a firm that deals in Orlando vacations, to admit that the Space Aged-themed hotel offers smart business in the year 2014.

The Theme at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

• First, you notice the sign towering the circular driveway that promises guests of color television and air conditioning.
• Four sparkling cars, a 1957 Ford Country Squire Wagon, a 1961 Chevrolet Impala, a 1958 Chrysler Imperial, and a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster welcome guests as they enter the resort.
• A Westclox analog clock, ticking in the old school fashion, tops every nightstand.
• Zest as well as Alberto VO5 shampoo and a rinse of cream make up the complimentary toiletries.
• The male symbols at the restrooms of Cabana Bay don a fedora complete with a necktie.

Orlando, Florida Vacation Ideas

English: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, ...
English: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, at Islands Of Adventures, Orlando, FL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harry Potter is casting his spell over Universal Orlando!

The popular Disney theme park, Universal Orlando, has gotten better. The opening of Harry Potter’s Wizarding World of has been eagerly waited for, and park execs expect it be revealed at the end of June. Orlando Florida vacations have even more to offer visitors than before! This particular attraction will include a ride through “caves” at Gringott’s Bank, a trip on the Hogwarts Express train, and London’s Diagon Alley has been re-created to a tee. Disney has done a wonderful job on this project.

The first Orlando Florida vacations included the original Wizarding World, which featured a massive Hogwarts Castle, as well as Disney’s take on Hogsmeade Village. This opened up to the public in 2010 at Islands of Adventure. Many fans attended the event, and it opened to nothing but positive reviews; because of this Disney proceeded to construct Diagon Alley as a follow-up to the theme park.

The new Harry Potter attraction has been built adjacent to Universal Studios Florida at the site that used to be home to the former Jaws attraction. If you plan to take Orlando Florida vacations and visit this you and your family will need a two-park ticket.

The press has released many bits of information regarding Diagon Alley, but many things remain hidden from public knowledge. Here are a couple details on the new park:

* Gringott’s Bank Coaster (A 3-D ride in the dark! This promises to induce major excitement!)
* Hogwarts Express Train Ride (No windows; video screens provide a crazy experience! Two cars will depart together and travel through a fabricated are backstage.)

For the ultimate in Orlando Florida vacations, Disney gives you Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. Make your vacation plans today!

A healthy dose of sun, relaxation, beauty and fun

Florida Beaches Destin to Miami: A healthy dose of sun, relaxation beauty and fun

At this time of year, in the United Kingdom, we have all just about had it with the cold and the gray sky. And escaping to nearby European countries wouldn’t make a difference because the weather in France and Spain isn’t much better. But just across the pond, the sunny state of Florida offers wonderful holiday options to help us escape the winter with many Florida beaches Destin to Miami.


This vibrant city, which happens to be located in the United States, has been called the capital of Latin America. The influence of Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and many other Latin American countries is undeniable. Miami’s nightlife scene is considered to be one the world’s best. They also have beautiful beaches filled with beautiful people.

Key West

Just 15 miles (24km) south of Miami begins a set of 1,700 islands known as the Florida Keys. They extend all the way to Key West, the westernmost of all the islands. If you start in Miami, you could take a little USA road trip and arrive in a few hours. Key West is rich in history and has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment and attractions. It is considered the southernmost city of the continental US and enjoys a hot, tropical climate.

Fort Lauderdale

Just 23 miles (37km) north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is perfect for those looking for a place that is more relaxed, yet still has gorgeous beaches and plenty to do. Like its flashy neighbor South Beach, Fort Lauderdale has become a popular destination for gay people. Many locals say the gay scene in Miami is what made it so popular for general tourism – now that the gay scene in Fort Lauderdale has developed, it is becoming even more trendy.

Daytona Beach

Further up the Atlantic coast, Daytona Beach is a popular tourism destination and family-friendly city. Like most of Florida, Daytona enjoys a humid, subtropical climate. Even in the middle of winter sun is never lacking. The city has beautiful beaches, great options for golf and plenty to enjoy. And if you would like to visit Mickey Mouse, Daytona is conveniently located just 56 miles (90km) from Orlando.


Last but certainly not least, the theme parks in Orlando, Florida, are a dream for kids of all ages. Meeting Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and the whole Disney gang is something everyone should experience at least once. Magic Kingdom is truly magical and Epcot Center will take you around the world in a day. Then, you’ll probably want to go again. But don’t forget to experience the Hollywood magic of Universal Studios, the big, friendly fish at Sea World, or the fun water-slides at Wet ‘n’ Wild.


Naples is located on the Gulf Coast of the state. It’s home to amazing golf courses and it offers you easy access to conservation areas.

Marco Island

Marco Island is also located on the Gulf Coast. This is a great place to fish and to do other fun activities such as watch dolphins from the beach.

Pensacola Beach

This beach is located in northern Florida and it is known for its white sands and laid back attitude. You can relax on the beach, go kayaking or go for long walks. It doesn’t matter what you do, you will love it at Pensacola Beach.

Florida Beaches Destin

Florida Beaches Destin is a great place for beaches and for restaurant choices. Some of the best seafood restaurants can be found here and there are a lot of group activities you can do.

Florida Beaches Destin
Image via Wikipedia

Fort Walton Beach

This beach is located in the same region as Destin. There are plenty of educational opportunities for tourists to take advantage of and you can lay around on the sand all day long. The kids will enjoy visiting places such as the Gulfarium and Temple Mound Museum.

With so much to do and see, chances are you will want to return to the Sunshine State again and again. Give yourself the gift of a good dose of sunshine, beauty and fun. Plan your escape to Florida now!