Landmarks and Districts of Paris in France

Paris Sunset from the Louvre windowTaking a holiday trip in France during Christmas, the Valentine’s day, the Thanksgiving weekend or even no special occasion at all is a great idea. The capital city of France, which is Paris, is where most tourists stay because of the many attractions found over there. Now that you are planning to spend a vacation in this popular city, make sure that you are familiar with the places you are going to visit. Do not just focus looking for cheap Paris flights, low rates of hotel accommodations or tour pa

ckages. You also have to learn some of the best places that you must see when visiting Paris.

What Can Entice You

Paris is a famous tourist spot because of the many landmarks and attractions offered here. You can probably identify some of the best attractions. There is the very popular tower called the Eiffel Tower, the ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Moulin Rouge. To add those and learn a few basic facts, read along below.

1. Eiffel Tower

The architectural design of this tower is obviously unique that’s why it is considered to be a famous landmark not only in the country or the whole Europe but also around the world. Built in the year 1889, Eiffel Tower is actually the tallest tower in Paris.

2. The Louvre Museum

This museum is an old, large and popular landmark in Paris. Most of the art pieces displayed here are known to many people from around the world. These include the painting of Mona Lisa, the Virgin and Child as well as cool, unique artifacts.

3. Moulin Rouge

Another landmark that was built in the same year when the Eiffel Tower was setup is the Moulin Rouge. This is a traditional, red windmill you can see in Paris.

Where to Stroll Around

Do not just be aware of the different landmarks in Paris. You also have to know some of the districts where you may spend some minutes or hours strolling within a day.

1. The Latin Quarter

This district where you have the freedom to shop, dine in and do several activities is a famous place to visit as well. It is where you can also find the first university built in the entire country.

2. Le Marais

If you want to see some ancient apartments and commercial establishments, stop by at this district. It is located near the river Seine which gives you a breathtaking view of the sunset.

3. Montparnasse

Another famous district in Paris is Montparnasse where you can see a lot of commercial buildings and luxury boutiques. This is also the favorite area of many popular personalities like Picasso and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Budget Travel Tips For Getting Flights To Europe

TAM Airbus A330-200 in the former livery
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If you’re planning a big trip to Europe sometime in the future, then there are a few tips that you can keep in mind when looking for cheap flights to help you get to Europe without breaking the bank.

There’s a little bit of truth when it comes to the fact that dealing with less room and comforts and other amenities will drastically reduce the price of your flight ticket.

However, it is definitely possible to get reduced price tickets with some of the major airlines, by doing a lot of research and booking well in advance.

Start by loading up a flight comparison site such as Kayak or SkyScanner and the major airlines that fly out of your country. Now you want to spend a couple of hours doing some serious research to find the best possible flight available.

To do this research, note all of the major gateways in Europe. The three big ones are London, Amsterdam and Paris – but you can also check Madrid, Rome, Milan and Frankfurt.

Now you want to check each date with each major airline and the flight comparison sites, and see how the prices compare. Which gateway is going to be the cheapest for when you want to get to Europe? Which airline offers the best price on the dates that will suit your trip?

It is a lot of work and comparison, but doing this can easily save you a couple of hundred dollars or even more.

It is true that booking in advance will generally result in a cheaper priced ticket, so what you could do is call a trusted travel agent, and ask them to book the cheapest COMPLETELY REFUNDABLE ticket to Europe available. Then, if during your search in the coming months you come across a better deal, you can cancel that ticket for a refund and not be out of pocket.

If you do find a great deal on a flight comparison site, before booking also go directly to the airlines website and see if they are offering any special deals of their own.

Also remember, flights are generally cheaper on week days such as Wednesdays compared to the weekend. So if booking online – make sure you check the mid-week flight prices and not just the weekends!

Generally the cheapest fares are of course less direct and less convenient in terms of taking off and landing times. If you’ve got the time though, and your budget is important to you – this is definitely the way to go.

A personal experience of mine is that I flew with Air Asia from Australia to London – and that was extremely cheap yet still relatively comfortable. So don’t disc

ount the budget air lines, you can sometimes get a fantastic deal.

Whatever you end up doing, don’t stress and have fun!

This was a guest post from Tom who runs active backpacker – a website all about backpacking in Europe and beyond, and providing tips and helpful advice.

Top 5 Places to Spend New Years Eve At

English: New Year fireworks at the London Eye
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New Years Eve is more or less an international holiday, celebrated on a global level irrespective of religion and nationality. Some people like to spend it at home with family and friends while others may like to travel to exotic foreign cities for the celebration. There is no denying the fact the best high-key celebrations for New Year’s Eve all over the world are typically in large metropolises. Below are the top 5 places in the world where you could have an experience of a lifetime if you spend the New Year’s Eve:


Since Australia’s time zone is ahead of most countries of the world, celebrating New Year’s in Sydney can grant you the honor of being the first one to start the New Year’s countdown. Every year, scores of people witness an absolutely marvelous fireworks show along with stunning lighting and music at the Sydney’s Harbor Bridge. A great number of people from other cities of Australia as well as from other countries join Sydney dwellers for those magnificent midnight fireworks and the countdown.

A boat ride along the harbor will provide the best view of the fireworks, although several spots around the harbor and the opera house offer a nice view as well.


Every year, the Mayor of London organizes a display of fireworks launched from the 442-feet London Eye, which project beautiful lights and colors all over the city. Since London Eye’s fireworks are very popular throughout the Europe, the entire surrounding area gets really crowded; in fact you may not even be allowed to enter the area once it is packed. If you are unable to make an entry, keep in mind that the best viewpoints are Westminster, Victoria Embankment, Waterloo Bridge and the Southbank.

The countdown lasts for about 15 minutes, after which people start dispersing around to nearby restaurants and pubs, which stay open throughout the night.


In Tokyo, the New Year, or Oshogatsu celebrations start ahead of time, mostly from 29th December onwards. The best part is that the celebration is prolonged up to January 4th, which gives plenty of time to enjoy partying and relaxing. The majority of the tourist destinations are closed down during this period, while the clubs, restaurants and pubs are jam-packed with people from all over the world.

Even though the Japanese have progressed a lot in the past few decades, they still celebrate the New Year’s in a very traditional way. The New Year’s Eve morning starts with a tradition called “Ousouji,” which basically refers to the process of cleaning the entire house from both inside and outside to “purify” it for the coming year.

During the day, a number of special dishes are cooked such as “Osechi,” a dish consisting of egg, beans and fish. They also cook “Omochi,” which is basically steamed rice molded into cakes. The most special dish of the New Year’s Eve is “toshikoshi soba,” which are basically very long and fine buckwheat noodles. This dish in particular symbolizes longevity (hence the long noodles).


The two most popular places on New Year’s Eve are Champs Elysees and Montmartre. The former is appropriate for those who like to party hard, while the latter is rather laid-back and low-key. Parisian streets are jam-packed with groups of people going to clubs and bars that stay open till late. Those interested in seeing the fireworks and the countdown must head to the Champs Elysees as early as possible before the crowd gets larger.

Audrey, pychics reader and medium reading form London

The Packing List For Backpacking Europe

For me, personally, first thing on the list is always some clean underpants. You can say I’m not a ‘real traveler’ if you like (what IS a real traveler anyway?) – but clean jocks are the first thing to go in! Other then that, I’m pretty easy going with my packing – couple of t-shirts, a pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes. You know, the usual.

English: Slim-fit pants, skinny jeans, pegs, d...
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So what about Europe specifically, what is it that you need to make sure is packed in solid to that big backpack of yours for that upcoming gap year or summer trip away? Well let me run through some things that worked for me, and hopefully you can get some solid advice out of it.

Make sure you have a comfortable pair of pants for those really long trips on the bus or train. If your favorite jeans are tight and uncomfortable for long periods of time, then you won’t want to wear them on the bus for 16 hours, right? So bring along a pair of sweatpants or I even have a pair of fisherman’s pants. Should I get embarrassed wearing my fisherman’s pants around Europe? Probably, but there is more important things to do then be embarrassed all the time!

I also like to bring along the ‘backpacker’s staple item’ known as the money belt. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and look, I will admit I don’t wear mine ALL OF THE TIME. I find it mildly constricting, and will normally put my valuables in the hostel lockers when I go out for the day. But money belts do prove invaluable for those long trips where it’s possible you might fall asleep and not be watching your bags.
There are a few other items I always bring along, I love having a small torch with me. Sure you could use your mobile phone, but I enjoy having a REAL torch that isn’t reliant on plugging into the wall just to keep it going every night.

I also normally bring along some anti fungal cream – you shouldn’t travel without it in my opinion!

A water bottle (preferably BPA free) is always handy, it’s nice to have a sturdy one that isn’t a plastic one you are reusing over and over again.

You might also like to bring along a journal. It’s nice to note down the things you’ve seen, tips you’ve learnt and all other manner of things that may come to mind. If you make a habit of it, it will pay its dividends!

At the end of the day, Europe is not exactly stuck in the past or a third world country, so forgetting something is not the end of the world – you can always buy it new over there.

So there is a bit of food for thought for packing your backpack, have fun backpacking through Europe!

Tom is the proud editor of Active Backpacker – a site all about backpacking and traveling.

Activities And Worldwide Destinations For the Perfect Date

Do you want to woo a lover, impress a partner or rekindle the flame in your marriage? Why not take your loved one on a perfect date and spend a day together you won’t forget? Here’s a list of wonderful activities that are sure to make the apple of your eye weak at the knees.


The Louvre Image Credit

Whisk your loved one away to the city of love and enjoy a perfect date in Paris. Explore the quaint little streets before indulging in a mouthwatering pastry and watching the world go by. Discover the Notre Dame de Paris before heading to the top of the Eiffel Tower for exquisite views over the whole capital. What better way to tell someone you love them than at the peak of one of the world’s most famous attractions?


Venice Image Credit

Hop on board a gondola and sail through the historic Italian city famed for its incredible beauty and wonderful architecture. Relax hand-in-hand as you discover the history of this fascinating place and loose yourself in the magic of the moment. Italy is well-known for its exquisite food, so why not spoil you lover to a romantic candle-lit dinner – just the two of you? Reflect on the day gone by whilst eating mouthwatering tiramisu and even enjoy a delicious glass of wine.

Hot air balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon Image Credit

Treat someone special in your life to an incredibly romantic hot air balloon ride and spend some quality time together. Enjoy wonderful panoramic views as you glide through the air and feel as free as a bird high up in the sky. Relax, unwind and simply enjoy being a couple, away from the routine of every day life. Everything seems so calm and peaceful up in the air and it is the perfect place to reaffirm your love – that’s if you are both ok with heights.

Pony Trekking

Pony Trekking Image Credit

Hire a couple of horses for the afternoon and ride off into the distance together. Enjoy a gentle walk up into the mountains or gallop along the beach and have plenty of fun in the open air. Explore the countryside like never before and spend hours discovering new places and talking the day away. Watch the sun go down as you head back to the stables, before finding a traditional pub for some well-deserved food.

Helicopter ride

Helicopter Ride over the Great Barrier Reef Image Credit

How about an adrenalin-fuelled helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon as THE perfect date? If you have always longed to see this spectacular place of beauty, why not head off on an adventure of a lifetime with your lover? Fly high into the skies and admire the sheer magnitude of this incredible attraction onboard a powerful and nippy chopper. Your heart will be racing but you might not know if it is out of fear, happiness, love, or all three.

Theatre and hotel

Luxury Suite Image Credit

Surprise your nearest and nearest to a wonderful theatre break in the heart of London. Experience the glitz and glam of Theatreland and take in a popular show before relaxing overnight in a top hotel. What could be better than spending the night away from home in the heart of a capital city? Enjoy a relaxed leisurely breakfast, before exploring some of the most famous attractions – just don’t forget the camera.

So, there you have it, a whole selection of date ideas to suit a range of different budgets. Now all you have to do is turn on the charm and hey presto!

This list was compiled on behalf of; helping hopeless romanctics find luxurious and beautiful hotels for that special trip.