Business Class Flights to San Andres

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Getting the best deal for your business class travel to San Andres is very much depending on the place of your departure as well as the final destination, the airport you will be arriving to. There are several daily connections to choose from, mainly from mainland Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and also from Canada. Travelers from European airports have no other option, than transit through International Airport in Bogota, or any other Colombian airport serving charters to San Andres.

Though you can book your business class flight to San Andres all year around, booking well in advance is essential especially during the peak seasons (December to January and June to July) as flights during this time may be short of supply. You can search online for the best deals available or contact your travel agent who will be happy to help to find the best available flight that will suit your budget and your needs.

If you are not on the budget, and if you don’t mind splurging few hundreds more on your ticket, then look for the business premier class seats if possible. Most of the premier class seats also include additional facilities that will make your flight more pleasurable and you will fly to San Andres in style. Large beds with pillows and duvet, high resolution LCD screen with on-demand movies, in-seat power port and adequate personal items storage to name a few. Most of the European Airliners offers stopovers in Costa Rica or Bogota, where you can stay for night or two.

Apart from your shirt and suit for your business needs, shorts, flip-flops and plenty of sunscreen is what you will need in this so-casual archipelago. Whether you are coming to San Andres to open a fruit smoothie bar or close an important business deal, if you have few days to spare on your business trip, bring a swimming gear and underwater camera with you too. Mosquito repellent and sea-sickness pills are also essential.