How to Make a Connecting Flight

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An ideal flight plan is a non-stop ticket to your destination. However, this does not usually happen since airlines stop at other destinations to save costs and maximize their number of passengers. Connecting flights are also cheaper, so many travelers choose them. Listed below are some tips to keep your flight connections as painless as possible.

Check the Schedule

While flying, look at the magazines in the front pocket. They will usually have airport maps and airline routes. You can use this information to determine when you are arriving and where the departure and arriving gates are located. In addition, you should also decide what path you will need to take to get from one area to another.

Listen Closely

Pay attention to any announcements that are made while your plane is taxiing to the gate. If there have been delays or gate changes to your connecting flight, you will likely hear it broadcasted. This usually happens before the passengers start to get up and collect their luggage.


Collect all you carry-on hartmann luggage to bring off the plane with you. Look at spinner luggage reviews that feature lightweight, strong bags since you may need to run from one stop to another. Baggage handlers will usually transfer your bags from one plane to the other, so you do not need to worry about visiting the baggage claim. The only time you would have to go to the baggage claim is if you flew internationally and need a connecting flight within your destination country.

After leaving the airplane, you should ask the gate agent to consider your flight. Many agents stand just outside the door when exiting the plane, so ask them for flying information. If there is an impossibly short period between your flight connections, you should contact the airline immediately.

Tips for Airplane Travel with Toddlers

Tips for Airplane Travel with Toddlers
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This was the first time we had ever taking our son on an airplane, and we were poorly prepared. I’ve done some research online and it turns out we did practically everything wrong. There are plenty of good Tips for Airplane Travel with Toddlers available on the web, but I never suspected it was going to be such a problem – more fool me. We now have the return trip to look forward to but we are going to be better prepared this time. The events of our last Airplane trip to America could be used as a case study in how not to deal with a toddler when traveling by plane.

How Not to Travel with Kids on Planes

My husband and I tend to leave things to the last minute so by the time we arrived at the airport we were rushing to get to the gate. We raced through the airport and right onto the airplane. We were all stressed and it is little wonder that our son picked up on this vibe. Apparently you are meant to give children a chance to stretch their legs before getting on the plane, but we had no time for this. We did see a playground area for kids near the gate and that would have been a great place for my son to work off some energy, but our names were already been called.

Finding our seat was a nightmare; trying to manage our son while trying to get past people who were blocking the aisle. Apparently if we got there early we would have been allowed to board early with our son; I can see now why this facility is offered. It is hell struggling through a packed plane with a toddler.

Our son found the unfamiliar setting of the airplane upsetting, and when the hostess came to fasten his seat-belt he went berserk; in fact he was crying so hard I thought he would make himself sick. The poor thing’s ears popped during take-off and he was obviously in a lot of pain. I hadn’t realized that we could have prevented this by getting him to suck on his bottle or soother. The next six hours in the plane was hard for all of us; my son just wouldn’t settle and I almost kissed the ground when we landed. I felt bad for the other passengers, but what could we do? At least we will be better prepared next time.