Sydney’s Top 5 Historic Attractions

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Sydney may today be a flourishing, modern city but remnants of its colonial past still remain. Visit some of these important heritage landmarks and you’ll gain a fascinating insight into the historical, social and cultural development of a city that has constantly changed since it was first founded by early settlers.

Cadman’s Cottage
As Sydney Cove’s only remaining small building from the time of the first settlement and the oldest house in Sydney, Cadman’s Cottage is incredibly important in telling Sydney’s story. This sandstone structure, originally on the shores of the cove but now a fair way back thanks to land reclamation, was first built between 1815 and 1816 and used as the ‘Coxswain’s Barracks’. It became John Cadman’s residence in 1827 when he took up the post of superintendent of Government Craft, and has been restored to the way it would have looked when he lived there.

Government House
Built between 1837 and 1845 in the romantic gothic revival style by famed architect Edward Blore (who also helped to design buckingham Palace), grand Government House looks out over Farm Cove. Castellated, crenellated, turreted and containing oil paintings, antique furniture and many impressive period decorations, it makes quite a statement. It ceased to be the residence of the governor in 1996 and today is managed as a working State House which can be visited free of charge Friday to Sunday, with the grounds open daily.

Fort Denison
The island in the middle of the harbour on which Fort Dension now stands was originally used for punishing and confining convicts. In 1855 work began to build a Martello Tower (one of the last in the world to be built) to defend Sydney against a feared attack by Russian warships. This never happened but the tower stands to this day and can now be visited seven days a week. Highlights include the gunroom which still contains three 8-inch muzzle-loading cannons and the historic prison cells.

Susannah Place
Located in the city’s historic Rocks district, one of the city’s oldest areas, is this row of tiny mid-19th century terraced houses, which give an insight into what life must have been like for the majority of early settlers. Having being used continuously as domestic dwellings up until the late 20th century, it has incredible heritage significance – even the brick privies and open laundries have been retained. You can take a guided tour of the houses and can even purchase nostalgic period items from the turn-of-the-century corner store.

Queen Victoria Building
This stunning romanesque building was constructed in 1898 when Sydney was submerged in deep recession and thus gave employment to many unemployed craftsmen, plasterers, stonemasons and stained-glass window artists. Everything has been restored to its former glory, including mosaic tiled floors, a magnificent staircase, a huge dome lantern, beautiful stained glass windows, arches, pillars and balustrades. The building today houses a number of upmarket shops but is worth a visit to view the spectacular architecture alone.

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In-flight Entertainment Options

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Flying is something that we all end up doing sooner or later, more or less frequently. And it’s something that has its quirks, and one of the biggest snags about flying, especially if you’re flying alone, is how you’ll pass the time. Even a short flight can become boring if you don’t have something to do. You’ll be in a relatively confined space and there’s not much to look at – even looking out of the plane’s window can get boring.

Some planes will have in-flight entertainment options, but whether you’ll enjoy it or not is a matter of taste. After all, the movie or show that they’ll be playing may not be one that you like. And if it’s not, you better have something else to do while you’re up there.

Some people try to strike casual conversation with the people next to them. This is something that can be looked at in two ways: if you like it and the other person likes it also, then it’s a great way to spend some time. If one of the people is bothered by it, it can lead to some potentially awkward situations. If you are the person who doesn’t like to be talked to, there are many ways that you can subtly indicate this, and it ties in nicely with some of our suggestions to keep yourself occupied during the flight.

The notion that you need some sort of piece of technology to keep you entertained is not necessarily true. A good book or a magazine can definitely do the trick. The thing is, if you’re going on a long flight, you’ll want to have a variety of media to keep you occupied. Surely you can spend a couple of hours reading a book, but eventually you’ll want to do something different. And we recommend that whatever gadget you pick is capable of performing more than one task. First and foremost, make sure it can be used in an airplane. You can have a phone loaded up with games, music and movies but they probably won’t let you even turn it on – not even in “flight mode”. The same thing with laptops: there might be restrictions in place which won’t allow you to use them in certain airplanes. But there are many other things that you can do. Modern day portable game systems not only allow you to play games on them, but also come with a hard drive where you can store music and movies. This selection should keep you entertained for quite some time. Modern mp3 players also serve as a mobile multimedia platform, which can also be used to play movies and games as well as music. These are also usually cheaper than most portable games consoles, so they might be a better option for you if you’re not an avid gamer.

Whatever your choice of entertainment, remember to plan for how long your flight is. Make sure you have a full battery and a lot of different options, otherwise you might be stuck with nothing to do for hours.

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Disneyworld! You’re never too old to go!

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Holidays to Orlando have been popular for decades due to the Mickey Mouse paradise that is Disneyworld! Its every kid’s dream (and adults, even if they deny it!) to go to the magical, amazing, Disneyworld where all your fantasies and dreams come true! Well maybe not for the grownups so much, but they still have lots of fun and are happy the kids are entertained at least!

Ok, so before we get on to all the attractions and amazingly fun things to do at Disneyworld, let’s look at some of the weird and wonderful facts about the most magical place on earth. Disneyworld is owned by the infamous Walt Disney and he opened its gates to the public on 1st October 1971. Disneyworld is located south-west of the state of Orlando in the United States, and covers a whopping 31,000 acres of land!! It is the world’s biggest and most popular theme park, averaging around 16 million visitors every year…that’s over 45,000 people per day!!! It has four theme parks which are, The ‘Magic Kingdom’ , ‘Epcot’, Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It also has two water parks, which are the worlds famous, Disney’s ‘Typhoon Lagoon’ and Disney’s ‘Blizzard Beach’. It has 23 on-site themed hotels, a massive camping area for families in the summer, two health spas, a gym, a cinema, a Olympic sized swimming pool in its main hotel, and even…its very own golf course!

Now let get to the fun part…the theme parks! The ‘Magic kingdom’ which was inspired by the actual dreams of Walt Disney himself (which you’ll be able to tell), is the perfect, picturesque, fairytale land that your little ones will especially enjoy! It has the legendary, trademark, Disney Cinderella castle as the main focal point of the park that towers above everything so it’s a good meeting point if anyone gets lost! The ‘Magic Kingdom’ spans across 107 acres and is home to seven other mesmerizing lands all waiting to be explored. There is over 500 rides and attractions within the ‘Magic Kingdom’ and its sub categories, that consist of ‘Main street, U.S.A’, ‘Adventureland’, ‘Frontierland’, ‘Fantasyland’ and  ‘Liberty Square’. The ‘Magic Kingdom’ pays homage to Disney’s classic cartoon traditions so therefore is popular amongst children and adults, for both nostalgia and amusement alike. Most popular rides include, Astro Orbiter, The Magic Carpet, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Other top activities available here are ‘The Pirate League’, where your little buccaneers’ can learn to be little salty sea dogs just like there favorite Disney characters such as, Captain Jack Sparrow from the blockbuster films  ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. They also have a daily parade that runs all the way through the ‘Magic Kingdom’ that features all the memorable characters from Disney’s most popular classics such as Dumbo, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Aladdin, and the Lion Kings infamous Simba.

Orlando Holidays to Disneyworld are easily reachable by car, coach or via plane for international customers. Most popular airlines fly out to Disneyworld from a range of different places around the world, so there’s no excuse not to go on your next family holiday here!

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Girlfriend Get Aways For Fun Times

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Are you ready to get away with the girls and have a girl getaway weekend? Sometime’s taking a couple of days and doing something with girl friends can be relaxing and fun. Just time to reconnect, relax and be among friends, without thinking about husbands, kids, work or the house. Just time to have a little fun and not worry about the everyday things, will bring you right back to life and make you a happier person at home. So, call your girl friends and start to plan a few days away from home and have a little fun.

Call your girl friends and see who can be available for a few days. Start by planning the days everyone can get together and do something affordable. Once you have a date, it is time to begin to plan an event or something fun to do. There are a lot of options all the time for fun in a few days time.

If you like the out doors and can afford it, a great weekend log cabin holiday will let you play in nature and return to the earth in a healthy and fun way. This is a great time to hike on trails during the day and enjoy the fresh air and wild life. At night you can sit around the campfire and tell stories from your childhood as you learn more about each friend and what makes them special to you.

During this time, it is fun to enjoy a good swim in a nearby lake or river. It is a healthy way to spend some time outdoors having fun. If you want to relax even more on this holiday, take a boat out for a few hours and just cruise the lake and enjoy the sites. Sometimes it is nice to just stop in the water somewhere and watch the lake while you rock in silence with the waves.

If you want a little more excitement, pick on of the many cities that offer night life such as plays, broadway shows, gambling and great food. You can get together for an evening of formal wear, a great play and a very fine dinner. After eating the good food, relax to the music in one of many clubs and dance away the stress of a long week at home.

A spa weekend with girlfriends cannot be beat for relaxation and fun. Enjoy a great massage, a soak in the hot tubs and get your nails done. A good facial can make you feel new and young again, as you hit the town that night to show off the new you at a local diner, a little dancing or a good play. It is all in fun and everyone needs a little time away from the daily chores. Have fun and let your hair down with a girl friend get away holiday.Get more data about getaway weekend ideas at the author’s website which also has information on getting a girl getaway.

Best Activites for Kids at Disneyland

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A trip to Disneyland can be a real treat for children of many ages. But, many parents want to take it to a whole new level for their kids. Disney recognizes this and offers a number of additional options to give your child the trip of which they have always dreamt. They offer a number of character experiences that can take a trip from great to fantastic. Here are some of the top options that children of many ages love.

One of the highlights of a visit to Fantasyland has to be the option to dress up for the occasion. Disney offers a number of costumes for children to try. At the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, your little girl can have her hair done before donning a princess costume. You can select from different princess costumes like Aurora, Snow White, or Cinderella. Your little prince doesn’t need left out of the party if he doesn’t want to be. There are prince costumes available as well. Being part of the fun is the magic of the Magic Kingdom.

While in Fantasyland, you might want to catch a story at the Tinker Bell Toy Shop. Each of the favorite Disney princesses take turns telling stories for the little ones that join them. The smallest sit up front so they do not miss any of the action. This is a great way for boys and girls to get to see a favorite character up close and personal. They might get to meet Cinderella, Aurora, or Belle as well as any of the other princesses.

After story time, your child would love the opportunity to meet other characters in the Disney family. A number of places throughout the park allow characters to meet and greet the children visiting. If your child missed a favorite princess during the story time, you can go to the Princess Fantasy Faire at certain times to see some of your child’s favorites. Pixie Hollow is a great place to see fairies. Mickey’s Toontown is the place to see Goofy, Pluto, and some of the other classic Disney characters. Winnie the Pooh and friends hang out in Critter Country. You can find any of the characters popping up all over the place if you keep your eyes open.

What else might your child love to do at Disney? Many children love the chance to have a meal with a favorite character. Breakfast with a favorite character is a great way to start any day at the Magic Kingdom. Chip ‘n Dale’s Critter Breakfast is one option served at the Storytellers Café at The Grand Californian Resort. Or a trip to the Plaza Inn for a breakfast with Minnie Mouse and Cinderella might be in order. Lunch and dinner are options as well. Do not pass up the opportunity to see a favorite character up close and personal for a meal.

Pulling King Arthur’s sword from the stone is one option at the King Arthur Carousel. But, no trip to Disneyland would be complete without a tour of the winding passages inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Your children can see the story of Sleeping Beauty unfold along the way. Your little guy would love the chance to help fight evil at Tomorrowland’s Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. A trip to Frontierland would be an opportunity to storm the Pirate’s Lair.

Children will have a place they will want to visit on their trip to Disneyland. Fantasyland offers the opportunity to become part of the Disney landscape. But, trips to Tomorrowland can open up imaginations into the future. Going back in time with Frontierland is another option. Adventureland opens up the possibilities as well. Let your child explore the options and they will find their perfect experience at Disneyland.

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