Malaysia Flight 370 Deters Travel in Region

777 rolled out at Boeing factory.
777 rolled out at Boeing factory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would think that travel to Malaysia would be stalling with the disappearance of the 777 known as Flight 370 worldwide. One report from Germany details a drop in web traffic from Germans looking to book hotels and flights going to the Asian country. The country itself is not reporting any drop in travel, to contradict what others are saying.

The Boeing 777 disappeared almost 2 weeks with 239 passengers who are now feared dead. The location of the plane has been widely speculated but seems to be in the ocean off of Australia from news that has come forth over the past two days. Tourism is very important to the growth of the country which also produces palm oil, petroleum and electronics.

US based website is reporting similar action in the US as was reported in Germany. They say bookings to Malaysia are down 22% since reports of the airplane missing started being reported. The company also operates in New Zealand and Australia. It found similar reductions in web traffic in these countries for people searching for hotels.

India is the biggest source of tourism to Malaysia and according to officials in Malaysia, there has not been a drop-off. The country is actively pursuing travelers from India with a long-term campaign. China might be a different situation according to some off the record comments, as Flight 370 was full on Chinese citizens.

Top Ten Things to See in Berlin

Berlin became the capital of the German Empire...
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Berlin is one of the sixteen states, the capital and the largest city of Germany.  It is adored for its rich natural landscape as seen through its parks, forests, rivers, lakes and gardens. It also houses renowned museums, orchestras, universities, research institutes and it houses various sporting events. Tourists specifically love its diverse architecture, festivities, contemporary arts and nightlife. It is also one of the world’s top three convention cities. Having an estimated 135 million visitors a year, Berlin has become the European Union’s 3rd most visited destination, partly because of the attractions it offers visitors, but also because of the heritage of this old city that has seen hundreds of years of history, good and bad:

(1) The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was famously constructed after WWII when Germany’s defeat lead to its division into four parts, namely; the British, American, Soviet and French occupation zones. Even today, the wall is still one of the most visited sites in the city, thanks to its famous role in history – though most sections of the wall have long since been dismantled over the years, there are still parts of it that stand to this day.

(2) The Holocaust Memorial

This Memorial is officially known as the Monument to the Murdered Jews in Europe. It is a tribute to the Jews who died during WWII and though harrowing, offers an exceptional and important information center that details the stories of individuals and families who suffered unspeakable horrors during the war.

(3) Potsdamer Platz

This used to be one of Europe’s liveliest squares during the 1920s and 1930s. It was a popular entertainment district and a major public transport hub at the time. However, with the construction of the Berlin Wall, it got completely flattened – nevertheless it has recently been redeveloped into a large underground station, entertainment center and shopping arcade.

(4) The Pergamon Museum

This Museum was designed by Alfred Messel and Ludwig Hoffman. It is divided into three sections, namely; the Islamic Art Museum, the Antiquity Collection and the Near East Museum and it is one of Europe’s finest museums.

(5) The Monument to Soviet Soldiers

This monument lies in the center of the largest public park in Berlin the Tiergarten. It is also close to the Brandenburg Gate. The Memorial was constructed amidst the ruins of the park after it had been destroyed by bombs.

(6) The Palace Bridge

This attractive bridge is situated at the eastern section of Unter den Linden and is adored for its elegant and stylish artwork. It was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the foremost architect of Berlin during the early 19th century.

(7) Bellevue Palace

This Palace is located near the River Spree by the northern edge of Tiergarten Park. It was built for the younger brother of Prussiaís King Frederick II. Since then, it served as the summer residence of Prince August Ferdinand.

(8) Rotes Rathaus (or The Red Town Hall)

This large red brick building is adored for its impressive tower. It lies on the southeast section of Alexanderplatz. The Neptunbrunnen, a large baroque fountain, sits serenely in front of this building.

(9) The Altes Museum

This is the pride of Museum Island. It was Berlin’s first dedicated museum building and it houses a vast collection of Ancient Greek as well as Roman decorative art.

(10) Museum Island

This Island houses five museums standing next to each other. The last museum built was the Pergamon Museum which opened in the year 1930. Another important building you can find on this island is the Protestant Cathedral of Berlin, Dom and it is well worth visiting.

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How to find a discounted hotel

The Lagan. Where it flows past The Waterfront ...
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Even-though a lot more people than ever are using the internet to reserve holiday accommodation in some ways picking out the most appropriate hotel is just as complicated as always. I often find that there’s just too many possibilities to select from, especially if you’re looking around in a major city. Another problem is if you have never visited the area previously and you are not familiar with the layout it is often really difficult to determine if your hotel is inside the center of the fun or not. Here are a couple points I watch out for when choosing a hotel.

Location is essential when considering accommodation and it has a bigger effect on the price than any other factor. It’s well known that staying in the city center is going to be higher in price compared with out of town, but there’s often a good reason behind this. Tourists usually don’t factor in the added transport costs with commuting in to the main sight-seeing opportunities on a daily basis, this is especially true when you need to travel by taxi cab as they often want to make the most of holidaymakers.

Something i always recognize creates a big difference to hotel cost is the days you book for as I found out fairly recently while looking for cheap hotels in Belfast. Vacationers usually are aware of low and peak season prices but did you know that reserving from Tuesday to Thursday for the majority of hotels will be as much as 40% cheaper versus the weekend? For me it’s really worth thinking of taking your holiday when ever most people are at work since the savings can be significant.

Also i generally try and book only hotels which have exactly the amenities I want. For example it could be great when the resort you are thinking about has a free on-site gym nevertheless you can bet it is been factored into the total reservation rate. In my opinion it’s only about paying for the important amenities that I will need and not one thing more. I really hope these pointers help you locate an ideal hotel.