Malaysia Flight 370 Deters Travel in Region

777 rolled out at Boeing factory.
777 rolled out at Boeing factory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would think that travel to Malaysia would be stalling with the disappearance of the 777 known as Flight 370 worldwide. One report from Germany details a drop in web traffic from Germans looking to book hotels and flights going to the Asian country. The country itself is not reporting any drop in travel, to contradict what others are saying.

The Boeing 777 disappeared almost 2 weeks with 239 passengers who are now feared dead. The location of the plane has been widely speculated but seems to be in the ocean off of Australia from news that has come forth over the past two days. Tourism is very important to the growth of the country which also produces palm oil, petroleum and electronics.

US based website is reporting similar action in the US as was reported in Germany. They say bookings to Malaysia are down 22% since reports of the airplane missing started being reported. The company also operates in New Zealand and Australia. It found similar reductions in web traffic in these countries for people searching for hotels.

India is the biggest source of tourism to Malaysia and according to officials in Malaysia, there has not been a drop-off. The country is actively pursuing travelers from India with a long-term campaign. China might be a different situation according to some off the record comments, as Flight 370 was full on Chinese citizens.

Tips When Booking A Wyndham Glacier Canyon Deluxe Bedroom

The Trojan horse at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme ...
The Trojan horse at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA. Taken September 2, 2007 by myself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Booking A Wyndham Glacier Canyon Deluxe Bedroom

The Wyndham Glacier Wisconsin is one of the spots that many tourists love to visit during holidays. As you plan what you need to bring on your wilderness adventure, you also need to make sure that you book for a good lodging house that will make you and your company comfortable. Here are a few things that you need to look at when getting a deluxe bedroom in the area.

Sizes of Rooms

Finalize the number of people who are coming along to make sure that you get the right kind of lodge. For instance, if you are looking for a 3 bedroom Wyndham Glacier Wisconsin Dells, check if the size can accommodate your whole group. Verify if there are enough beds and bathrooms to share especially if you are travelling as a co-ed group.


As you book Wyndham Glacier Canyon 3 bedroom deluxe lodge, ask what facilities are available and what options you have regarding bringing your own stuffs for cooking or grilling. Some lodges have complete facilities within the premise while in some cases they allow people to bring their own grilling and other cooking materials. Be sure to check ahead of time so you do not have to stress yourself bringing things that you cannot use within the place.

Other Things to Remember

Take note of your check-in and check-out times. You can also ask the resort or lodge owner how much you need to pay if you wish to extend and other options that you have such as pre-booking. As much as possible, read reviews to know if the facility is safe and well-maintained before closing any deals.

Caribbean Packages At A Steal of A Deal

Beautiful Barbados
Image by Greg McMullin via Flickr

Yes, your long awaited holidays this year can be fabulous and affordable with the season’s best Caribbean packages available. Island holidays are beach living at their best, and no place on earth offers the highest quality holidays at the industry’s lowest rates. Jamaica lead the way to value, savings and a whole heap of fun.

Your Jamaican holiday escape brings you all the Caribbean has to offer with affordable rates that won’t break the bank. Take your fill of seaside resort living with all the perks that make a beach holiday special. Horse riding along the golden shores, para-sailing, diving, snorkeling and warm water swimming in the crystal clean sea is living large on a budget and comes with the territory on a Jamaica holiday getaway.

From the glistening Montego Bay coastline to the majestic Mystic Mountain rain forest resort, Jamaica is a first class holiday at the price you want to pay. Fly through the rich foliage on a traditional Jamaican wooden bobsled or wing it on your own hooked up to some of the most challenging zip lines in the region. Jamaica is a playground for the nature lover in all of us, from birdwatching to hiking and biking through a colorful creature’s natural habitat. Safe and sound, island magic may be the fastest way to load up on rest and relaxation, and super Jamaica deals can make your Caribbean escape come sooner rather than later.

Antigua is another best kept secret to capture your Caribbean moments at the price you want to pay. Priced just right and ready to go when you are, Antigua offers all the gracious island living and adrenaline pumping activities at a yearly rate well below it’s island competitors. Seasonal discounts and best bargain blowouts make the deal even sweeter with an Antigua itinerary custom made for your budget and lifestyle.

As one of the most popular holiday spots on earth, early reservations for Jamaica and Antigua are recommended to ensure everything goes your way. Book early and save whilst taking first choice of your preferred departure dates. However, late bloomers to island life may jump on board at the last moment with sensational Jamaica and Antigua late deals.

Caribbean holidays may be booked any month of the year and are a perfect match for family travel, romantic getaways or the next adventure for the solo traveler. You could spend more and get less with other island destinations, however, the tried and true Jamaica and Antigua route is sure to please every time. Regarded as the two most economical island adventures in the region, Jamaica and Antigua bring back their visitors again and again for the ultimate in a Caribbean holiday at reasonable and dependable rates.


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St Lucia and Antigua – Not As Expensive As You May Think

View from the Le Sport resort – March 2006
Image via Wikipedia

Holiday don’t get any better than a restful escape into the grandeur of the Caribbean islands. Priced just right and ready to sell, St Lucia deals are ripe for the picking any month of the year with deep discounts for serious bargain hunters. Antigua follow right behind with impressive savings on complete package getaways and offer some of the region’s most scenic beaches for a holiday done right.

Brimming with value and action packed with adventure, holidays to the Caribbean remain the number one destination for fun in the sun at the price you want to pay. Kick back and laze the days away or get ready to get pumped with some of the most exciting itineraries designed for a shoe string budget.

Island living takes life in the slow lane, yet offers the cream of the crop when it comes to resort activities and sports. Hiking and biking through the lush rain forest are the main event or hook yourself up for a wild ride on the zip lines. Fresh air, scented jungles and natural wildlife habitats are the lure of the rain forest for a bevy of island activities to include ATV trails, bird watching, or a visit to the one and only drive-thru volcano in St Lucia.

The Antigua turquoise waters are ideal for Jet Skis, para-sailing, snorkeling or suiting up for some of the best diving in the world. Boating, fishing or warm water swims round out the day the Caribbean way with a vibrant night life ready to take over after dark. Perfect for singles, couples or family fun, Antigua and St Lucia are the region’s hottest picks for island entertainment at the price you want to pay.

Rock bottom rates are an important feature for your perfect island escape, and St Lucia and Antigua offer it all at a price to make you smile. Visitors from around the world know a Caribbean deal when they find one, making Antigua and St Lucia a fabulous and frugal way to experience the islands. You could pay more for similar island living, however, the best kept secrets in the Caribbean are destination number one for impressive beach holiday savings.

Your St Lucia deals and Antigua best bargain rates are on sale twelve months a year for a well planned beach holiday or last minute island escape. Think you cannot afford the Caribbean this year? Think again. These two tiny islands deliver the best of the beautiful beaches, comfortable accommodations and around the clock activities for all ages and fitness levels. Beat the heat at St Lucia’s Rodney Bay or savor the moment in the tranquility of Antigua’s shores. These two island paradise destinations are the region’s best deals and can be snapped up and ready to go when you are.


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