Island Hopping Adventure on Lake Malawi

Malawi 71
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Escape the dust and bustle of mainland Africa and discover the beauty and serenity of Malawi’s Lake of Stars. Situated within the Lake Malawi National Park, the island wilderness camps, Domwe and Mumbo, are the ideal bases from which to explore and enjoy this outdoor paradise.

For action-junkies there’s a choice of kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, nature trails, bird-watching and fishing, while a shady hammock or the beach are perfect retreats for those wanting to unwind and relax with a good book.

Kayak Africa’s (one of the leading kayak tour operators) thatch and reed base camp is located on the beach in Chembe village, within the Lake Malawi National Park. The oldest, traditional fishing village on the lake, Chembe still maintains an unspoiled and very African aura, and being relatively prosperous, provides the visitor with a perspective of African people in successful, customary co-existence with their surroundings.

The lake in the vicinity of Chembe is sprinkled with isolated and uninhabited islands, which, under the protection of the Malawi Parks Board, remain a haven to myriad marine and bird life. With shorelines of alternating beach and impressive boulder formations, and a crown of lush African bush, the islands provide a true Robinson Crusoe atmosphere and a special opportunity to experience a unique part of Africa.

An island hopping adventure is a blend of relaxation and activity in an outdoor paradise. The journey is undertaken in Klepper sea kayaks – designed for ocean use. The great comfort, easy handling and remarkable speed of these craft make them exceptionally safe and render paddling experience and fitness unnecessary. Their silent, person-powered operation makes them ideal for game viewing and optimizes the wildlife experience of the participant.

Island Hopping Adventure

Explore the islands and waters of the National Park by sea kayak or boat. Overnight in the fully-equipped island camps with your personal Malawian chef and guide to provide for your every need. The total distance of this three-island trip is 25km, well within the capability of anyone irrespective of fitness or kayaking experience.

Island Kayak and Scuba Safari

Over a 1000 species of tropical fish in an underwater boulder garden. Fresh, warm water, no currents or waves and excellent visibility all year round. Combine six days on the islands with the PADI-certified Open Water Diver course, an advanced or specialty course, or enjoy unlimited diving.

Combine kayaking, scuba diving and quality hammock time to suit your situation. Trips can be of any duration up to six days. Boats are available for those unwilling to kayak, and all members of the party need not be divers.

Bring with you:

  •     Cool, loose clothing including a light sweater, trousers, sandals and walking shoes.
  •     Swimsuit and towel.
  •     Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellant.
  •     Camera, film, flashlight and a good book.
  •     Fishing tackle.
  •     Wine and spirits. Beer and soft drinks are available locally.


Contact your doctor or pharmacist about malaria prophylactics.

How to get to Malawi

  •     Driving: It takes two to three days to reach Malawi from Johannesburg. The distance is 2000 to 2500 km, depending on your route. The roads are reasonable, certainly within the capability of an ordinary car.
  •     Flying: Air Malawi fly from Johannesburg daily to either Lilongwe or Blantyre.

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Fun Activities for Your Next Vacation

Scuba Diving

When we hear the word vacation our thoughts are instantly filled with dreams of the beach, sunny skies, and complete relaxation. While relaxation is definitely an important part of a good vacation, an exciting activity can make for a memorable event.  Part of doing a fun activity is choosing the right destination. It’d be pretty difficult to go repelling if you were in the Salt flats.

Similarly, finding the right adventure is about doing your research so that you end up in the best spot. Before you purchase your plane tickets and book your hotel you should read several reviews and see what people are saying about the places they visited. Or you can make a list of things you would like to do and then find a location that offers those activities. Here are a few activities to get your creative thoughts flowing:

  • Go on a Zip-Line– Talk about high adventure! A zip-line is a great way to get a rush of adrenaline in a safe atmosphere. It you’re not familiar with what a zip-lines is, it’s when a strong metal rope is attach from one high point on a tree to a lower point on another tree usually a couple hundred yards away. You then wear a special harness and lock into the zip-line and ride it from high end to low. There are safety nets below in case you’re worried about equipment failure but the sport is extremely safe.
  • Go Scuba Diving– A great activity for your high adventure vacation is some scuba diving. Now you definitely don’t want to scuba dive in water with low visibility, otherwise the furthest you’ll see if your hand in front of your face. Warm water beaches have some of the most beautiful underwater wild life.
  • Rent an ATV– There’s nothing wrong with renting an RV for your next vacation, but how much more fun would you have blasting over the sandy beaches on an ATV. Sand-rails and quads provide 4 wheels for stability and a sense of safety, and most are capable of reaches speeds in excess of 60 mph. This could be just the ticket for the closet thrill-seeker.
  • Take Surfing Lessons– Surfing may be a lot more difficult in person than it looks on TV, but it is every bit as entertaining. Surfing is a great way to enjoy the ocean in a way other than sitting on a lawn chair working on your tan. Maybe it’s time you got out and gave it a try. Sure you’ll probably have some embarrassing falls, but that’s part of the fun. Surfing can be a great couples activity for you and your significant other.

Making the most out of your next vacation is about picking activities that are unique and will stand out. Having an excellent time is about having the right attitude. So when you plan your next trip, plan to do something out of the usual, and have some fun!

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3 Fantastic Destinations

A wide spot in the Tuolumne River as it passes...
Image via Wikipedia

You must love vacations and planning for it is crucial for you. As crucial as fighting weight loss plateau in fitness, preparing a variety with your vacation is something that needs careful planning and variety. Here are a few ideas that you may want to add to your current list.

Destination No. 1 – If you are a person who loves photography and a lot of outdoor experience, outdoor River Specialists may have the vacation you are looking for. O.A.R.S. as it is called, has been arranging great vacations since 1969. The good news is – among their packages are their Photography Trips. Your destinations will head out into the scenic American Western landscape with great naturalist guides and as well as a professional photographer to help you out.

The good goal is to help you in attaining the best possible nature photography shots. This adventure would also include great hiking and camping in some of the most wonderful areas of the country like the Wild and Scenic Tuolumne River in Californa or the wilderness of the Main Salmon in Idaho.

Destination No. 2 – Have you ever tried of a Llama trekking adventure vacation? Well, this is a fun and different idea to spend your time with. As they say, Deli Llama Wilderness Adventure is one outfitter that offers these trips on the beautiful coast of Washington Sate. The great and friendly llamas are perfect trail companions.

DestinationNo. 3 – Now, if you are looking forward to do something unusual and maybe strange for you on your next vacation, why not attend the World Championship of Rotary Tiller Race? Do you know that every year the town of Emerson, in southwestern Arkansas, creates the PurpleHull Pea Festival at the end of June?  The “world record” is an amazing 24 miles per hour. Well, some say it’s a little wacky but it has a lot of fun. While you are present, you can enjoy the pea-shelling contests, fireworks display, the PurpleHull Pageant and the Million Tiller Parade.

Try Deep Sea Fishing At Fort Lauderdale

Deep sea fishing from a boat in the Gulf of Mexico
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Are you confused on what to do this summer? Why not go for deep sea fishing? And you stay in and around Miami? Then head to Fort Lauderdale. The place is excellent for this sport. You can enjoy your life time’s desire. You can experience an exotic feeling of the vast rough sea. The energy you get after this sport is amazing. Your stress level will reduce drastically and you can bring alive your lost spirits.

Deep sea fishing fort Lauderdale brings in endless joy to the whole family by giving never before experience of the deep sea waters. It is better to visit the place as a group. As a group you can all share the experience of the catch and the whole adventure. You can go with your lover too. You can have a romantic experience in fishing the best of the fishes of the season.

Every season has a speciality in the breed of the fish. They tell you all about this there. The fishermen are quite experienced and they guide one and all well. They have around forty years of experience and they help and teach laymen well.

You can get trained to fish the good ones. They take you to best of the places for a big catch. You can take snacks and drinks and enjoy the trip to the core. You can enjoy the salty water waves and the smell and the sea birds and the like.

The whole experiences are such thrilling that you will forget all your worries and enjoy your trip to the fullest.  The vast sea is so exciting to watch that you will be covered with only smiles all the way. You will not know how time flies. You will feel bad after the times ends. Many go out there for deep sea fishing knowing the excitement experienced for really affordable money.