Plan The Perfect Getaway At The Four Seasons Club Aviara

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Plan The Perfect Getaway At The Four Seasons Club Aviara

Everyone should plan the perfect vacation getaway or couples retreat at Southern California’s own Four Seasons Club Aviara.  Here you will experience one of the most picturesque places on earth. Also if peace and quiet is what you are after, then look to book your any-length stay you desire.

The Four Seasons Club Aviara has two beautiful locations to choose from, either in South Carlsbad or in North San Diego California. Both locations offer fully furnished resort villa style vacation homes.

The amenities offered are nothing less than superb and with all conveniences. All of the villas include fitness centers, heated swimming pools for adults and children, villa kitchens, kitchenettes, washer, dishwasher, dryer, 24-hour business services and babysitting services.

The Four Seasons offer two different packages for the ideal vacationing family. One is called the Legoland package.  Upon booking, it includes Resort Hopper tickets for a two-day pass to Legoland, waterpark and aquarium where your little ones can play and enjoy themselves tremendously without any signs of boredom. Also included is one night luxurious stay complete with all the accommodations.

The Four Seasons Club Aviara also offers a package for happy couples, newlywed or otherwise. This package is called the bed and breakfast package. It includes a one night stay of luxurious accommodations with a delicious private breakfast served for two inside your villa.

For the smart vacationers, The Four Seasons Private Resort Clubs are large enough as well as recognized around the world for its elegance since 1969. Now currently providing over 50 different properties on every continent, it promises to absolutely improve quality of life and set the example for the definition of rest and relaxation.

Business Class Flights to San Andres

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Getting the best deal for your business class travel to San Andres is very much depending on the place of your departure as well as the final destination, the airport you will be arriving to. There are several daily connections to choose from, mainly from mainland Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and also from Canada. Travelers from European airports have no other option, than transit through International Airport in Bogota, or any other Colombian airport serving charters to San Andres.

Though you can book your business class flight to San Andres all year around, booking well in advance is essential especially during the peak seasons (December to January and June to July) as flights during this time may be short of supply. You can search online for the best deals available or contact your travel agent who will be happy to help to find the best available flight that will suit your budget and your needs.

If you are not on the budget, and if you don’t mind splurging few hundreds more on your ticket, then look for the business premier class seats if possible. Most of the premier class seats also include additional facilities that will make your flight more pleasurable and you will fly to San Andres in style. Large beds with pillows and duvet, high resolution LCD screen with on-demand movies, in-seat power port and adequate personal items storage to name a few. Most of the European Airliners offers stopovers in Costa Rica or Bogota, where you can stay for night or two.

Apart from your shirt and suit for your business needs, shorts, flip-flops and plenty of sunscreen is what you will need in this so-casual archipelago. Whether you are coming to San Andres to open a fruit smoothie bar or close an important business deal, if you have few days to spare on your business trip, bring a swimming gear and underwater camera with you too. Mosquito repellent and sea-sickness pills are also essential.

Top 4 Activities for Non-Gamblers at San Diego Casinos

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It’s time to plan that annual vacation again, and this year your husband or wife is dead set on going to a casino. If you aren’t a gambler yourself, this may seem like a bit of a letdown at first thought. However, San Diego casinos—in particular—offer so much more than just gambling (although there is plenty of that for those who enjoy it!). Here are the top four activities you can partake in while your loved one is living it up on the betting floors. You may be surprised at the level of luxury and amount of diverse fun that is available in the most venerable of combination casinos/resorts.

1) Get Pampered and Fit

Does your definition of “vacation” involve bodily detoxification, healthy eating and pampering? If you want to return from your getaway looking fit and flowing, a resort/casino is a great place to accomplish this. Most resorts have a state-of-the-art spa and exercise room, where you can sweat the weights, run on the treadmill or take invigorating classes like dance and yoga with other health-oriented guests.
After you shed some calories, enjoy a massage or other beauty treatment. Casino spas often have a full menu of pampering options, from facials and hot stone messages to cutting edge cellulite reduction treatments.

2) Indulge in Fine Dining

Whether you opt to exercise and get gorgeous all weekend or simply relax and take it easy, at some point you’re going to get hungry. Luckily, many of the finest casino resorts have not one or two, but several dining options. Cuisine varies, but bigger venues have everything from traditional Italian restaurants to trendy Pan-Asian eateries. Enjoy an authentic espresso at breakfast, a gourmet deli sandwich at lunch and exquisite French cuisine (or a hearty steak dinner) come evening—the choice is yours.

3) Enjoy Drinks/Soak up the Sun

If what you had in mind was a relaxing beach vacation, fear not: the new casinos are often located in beautiful areas, complete with sprawling pools and huge outdoor patios. Lie on a lounge chair, soaking up the Southern California sun with a cold, fruity beverage in your hand.

4) Take in a Concert or Other Performance

If you want to do something of note on your vacation but don’t want to go as far as exercising, consider a concert or comedy performance. National bands play at casinos quite often, and it’s not uncommon to see Beatles or Rush tribute bands and boxing matches.


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Getting Around San Diego – The Trolley

San Diego, like many major cities around the world, has its own famous mass transport system. London has the iconic London Underground, or the “Tube”, and Tokyo has the Bullet Train. San Diego has its Trolley system, which is one of the most famous, used, and oldest light rail system in the country. It is the 6th most ridden light rail system in the U.S., and the 6th oldest in the country. It is one of the best ways to travel around San Diego, passing through many main areas, and perfect for the tourist or sightseer.

Planning for the San Diego Trolley started as far back as 1966, when the local bus company named San Diego Transit faced financial troubles. Planning for a mass transit system went underway, but it took many years for major strides to happen.

At first, the San Diego Trolley wasn’t being considered. Many offered other options, which included express bus systems that will travel on freeways, restoring the classic 1949 streetcar system, an elevated rapid transit vehicle system, and a BART like system with 417 stations. Many of these options proved to be too expensive though, and didn’t meet the standards set by the MTDB, or the Metropolitan Transit Development Board.

Because of this, the San Diego Trolley idea was born. And while many setbacks plagued the development of the Trolley at first, ranging from Tropical storms to financial and legal hurdles, construction began. The Trolley was then opened for operations in 1981, with an initial set of lines that has since expanded over the next 3 decades.

There are currently three lines in the San Diego Trolley system, classified by the colors Blue, Orange, and Green, having their own unique beginnings and ends, but intersect at certain points so people can opt to move from one line to another in transit. There’re also special event lines which are used during special events, like special sporting events in Qualcomm Stadium an PETCO Park, home of the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres.

For visitors coming into San Diego, the Trolley is one of the best ways to go around the city, and should definitely be taken when given the chance. And should those visitors decide to stick around, they may wish to utilize these resources on Hillcrest real estate in San Diego and San Diego mortgages.

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