Experience a Home Feeling in Dubai Holiday Apartments

Dubai Festival City, canal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shopping in the mall, diving in the pristine beaches and trekking the sand dunes are exhausting activities that call for a comfortable place that you can come home to. When you book your Dubai vacation, choose from the different Dubai holiday apartments available for tourists. Dubai is considered to be among the world’s top tourist destinations in recent years. With the many tourist attractions it offers, Dubai has earned a spot at one of the Top 10 most visited cities of the world in the past couple of years. You never have to worry about a place to stay in Dubai since the accommodations are as numerous and varied as the attractions in the area.

Single travelers, families on a holiday and tour groups can count on Dubai holiday apartments to be their home during the vacation.  Apartments like these are normally found in the heart of the city where all of the tourist destinations are easily reached. Those that are located near the beaches showcase beautiful views of the coastline and the waters beyond. Apartments like these along with other accommodations are built and developed using world class standards since tourism is considered as one of Dubai’s economic activites. Other tourism aspects like tourist destinations, leisure facilities and special events are likewise maintained and updated on a regular basis to attract more tourists.

You can expect accommodations that are properly furnished and amply equipped with amenities in Dubai holiday apartments.  Your personal preference can rule your choice among accommodations that vary from studios, family apartments and penthouses. You need not worry about tidying up more than the usual since most accommodations like these are also fully serviced. The apartments that you choose for your Dubai vacation is dependent on the activities that you would like to do and the amount of money that you can spend for it. Wonderful travel deals can be found online – you can opt for hassle-free pre-packaged flights, accommodations and tours or you can pick and book your travel components yourself. You may also book for these apartments online. However you choose to spend your vacation, be sure to plan ahead and make all the necessary arrangements prior to your travel. Feeling at home during your Arabian Adventure should be stress free and hassle free.

An Unforgettable Journey In The Snowy Mountains And Darjeeling Hotels!

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling ...
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling West Bengal India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Unforgettable Journey In The Snowy Mountains And Darjeeling Hotels!

My sister and her family had come down from Saudi Arabia, the land of scorching heat and deserts. So it came as no surprise when they said they wanted to go some place cool and calm even if it was just for two days. Well, me being the youngest and always looking for ways to bunk classes in college jumped at the opportunity and didn’t even waste a second to suggest Darjeeling, one of the oldest hill stations in India.

To stress my point I told her how it is the popular choice for summer holidays and how it’s suitable for adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts alike. About its famous six T’s-Tea, Teak, Tourism, Toy-Train, Tiger Hill and Trekking! Further I tempted her with the mouth-watering momos, thukpa and shaphalay we could gorge there!

I just couldn’t wipe the broad smile off my face throughout the flight to Darjeeling. As soon as we stepped out of the airport we could feel the chillness in the air. Since we knew we wouldn’t be spending too much time inside the hotel rooms when the outside was so inviting and beautiful, we booked into a budget hotel-The ParkLane Hotel.

The ParkLane Hotel:

Inside the hotel, to our relief, we found that the rooms were quite spacious and there was 24hrs running hot and cold water in very clean bathrooms. Certainly didn’t expect wall to wall carpeting at such low tariffs! My sister called me to the balcony to show the view of the famous Mount Kanchenjunga. I guess we got more than what we paid for!

Enquiries at the hotel revealed there are many places of attraction here, so we didn’t waste any more of our precious time and set out on touring the place in the taxi arranged by the helpful hotel staff.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute:    

This is the first place we visited as it is the most popular tourist spot since it was built by the late famous Tenzing Norgay, the first Sherpa to have climbed the Mount Everest. All the instruments used for the climb is on display here.

Buddhist Monasteries:

Many Buddhist monasteries are here that showcases the Pagoda style architecture but we had time to go to only one –Japanese Peace Pagoda. This is an impressive building with a small temple alongside. We were told that you could hear the drumming sounds of Japanese monks taking morning walks between 4-5a.m!

 Tiger Hill:

My sister had to literally drag me out of the cozy bed at the un-Godly hour of 3a.m. Hurry up, she said or we would miss catching the first glimpse of the golden sun rays kissing the peaks of Mt.Kanchenjunga. For the sleepy me, the only comfort was the piping hot tea on the way up to the hill. Luckily, we reached very early, so we got a good view of the sun-rise unlike the late comers who had to stretch and strain to see it!

Rock Garden:

From the Tiger Hill we went to Rock Garden, the beautifully landscaped flowers in the rocks. Walking through the colorful flowers was so refreshing. Photographers here were offering an opportunity to get clicked in the local attire which my sister and I grabbed. Some people stared and some others copied us but we didn’t care, we happily posed and clicked several photos.

Nightingale Park/ Srubbery Park:

Here we enjoyed the inter-active cultural programme that went on from 4p.m. to 8p.m. We had to pay small fees for clicking photos but it was worth the money. The photographer in me was unleashed and went on a clicking spree of the beautiful park, the giant Lord Shiva statue, the local people…anything and everything!

The Mall:

Tasting varieties of teas from shops around the Mall was experimental on our taste buds! Walking around freely in Chowrasta , a vehicle free zone, soaking in the scenic beauty of the mountain range, scouring the shops for souvenirs to take back home was an unforgettable experience. We bought some beautiful junk jewellery and ladies bags but we had to use whatever bargaining skills we had!

Since the whole town goes to sleep before 9p.m. we always had to make an effort to remember to have dinner before that deadline. Other than this little hitch, our short and sweet holiday was an awesome one. From the look on other tourist’s faces it was clear they too were having a fabulous time staying in the hotels of Darjeeling.

Helpful family trip tactics to help make this year’s travel plans go smoothly and inexpensively

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Not too long from now, it will be that time of the year when lots of individuals like stepping away from work and college and enjoying a bit of time on family vacation. We all spend long hours at work much of the year, and it’s great to enjoy a good holiday getaway to chill, relax, and reconnect with close relatives. No matter whether you want to travel by railroad, airplane, or auto, there are some budgetary factors that you ought to think about prior to leaving on vacation.

Although many people schedule their holiday getaways many months ahead of time, it may be advantageous to hang on a little longer, then shop for excellent global late bargains. Last minute traveling savings crop up when other vacationers must cancel their bookings, creating a vacancy that travel providers strive to sell. Various vacation agencies focus on these kinds of last minute travel discounts, supplying the resulting worldwide late savings to vacation goers that happen to be adaptable enough to schedule their vacation travels on short-term notice. In return for your flexibility, it’s not uncommon to save hundreds on your tour reservations using global late promotions.

If you’re like a lot of us, and you enjoy driving to get to your favorite ideal vacation spot, it really is advisable to make certain your car insurance policy covers you as long as you’re away from region. If you plan to operate a vehicle within a different nation, be sure that your multi car insurance policy will still insure you while you’re driving in another country. Also, when you’ve got more than one car, be sure you optimize multiple car policy premium reduction. Multi car insurance policy discount are often as big as 12-25 %, and in some instances even as high as 30 Percent, so that may help you put away extra cash to put to an exotic beach escape.

Though planning for a holiday vacation can be very costly, you can save a lot of cash if your workplace offers a family vacation wellness employee travel and leisure bonus. A holiday wellness program furnishes marked down family vacations for workers, and offers a huge selection of professionally planned vacations to pick from.

Family Travel Guide: Finding A Great Holiday Deal on a Limited Budget

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Traveling on a budget can often be a daunting task. Consumers can find a great deal if they shop around and are willing to make a few sacrifices. Some of the best kept secrets for saving money on a small travel budget will be explored.

Travel During Off Peak Times

Traveling during the autumn and winter months can often bring a significant savings, if proper research is conducted. For instance, traveling on a national holiday can result in significant savings for passengers that need to save money on the flight alone. Many flights are canceled due to inactivity on national holidays. Travel scheduled with foresight of the peak travel times will help to lower fares.

Accommodations during national holidays may also be more expensive. This may be the trade-off financially. Travel to a resort in another country where the exchange rates and accommodation prices are in your favor. As the peak of tourist season closes, resorts and airlines lower the prices to encourage tourism dollars during off-peak season.

Take an Alternative Mode of Transportation

Trains and buses are often cheaper than travel by airplane. Luxury buses are less crowded and are often geared toward tourism. These tickets are often a fraction of the cost of airline tickets. Gasoline for airline travel and bus travel is often expensive, but the fuel costs can be justified when there are multiple people traveling at once.

If you decide to drive, observe the speed limit and rent a hybrid vehicle to save on fuel costs. The more your save on fuel, the more economical your trip will be. Not only will the environmentalists thank you, but so will your purse at the end of the trip.

Schedule a Flight with Connections

Airline flights with connections are often cheaper than the direct flights that we all seem to prefer. If you have the time and the patience, try a connecting flight rather than a direct flight to save money. In the end that can save you a great deal of money.

Try an Online Auction for Hotels or Flight

Online auctions allow consumers to name their own price. Consumers set their own budget. If the company can meet their quoted price on hotel, car hire or flights, then the customer will get the deal they prefer and save a significant amount. Many travelers find this method of travel a great way to save especially if their plans are somewhat more flexible.

Stay Close to Home

Staying close to home has its benefits. A three-night excursion less than 500 miles from your home can be easily accomplished for under $199 per person in March. This price also includes car hire, flight and stay at a bed and breakfast. The price can even be reduced per person in off season, if you drive your own vehicle.

Book Your Travel Arrangements at the Last Minute

If you have the flexibility to wait, often airlines will significantly lower prices on airline flights that have not been filled or hotel rooms that have not been filled for the night. Many websites are dedicated to last minute travel. Travel arrangements, such as hotels, booked at the eleventh hour may often yield significant savings. These savings may even be found at four and five star resorts.


There are a number of savings tips that consumers may use to save on their travel. These are some of the most common tips to help consumers schedule a quality, budget-friendly trip away from their home.


Zac is a travel writer offering budget travel tips. He recommends Student Flights cheap holiday packages, or if you want a full holiday package there are plenty of holiday deals available at Escape Travel.

Best Travel Destination for A Holiday Trip – Florida

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Spending your holidays to Florida is one of the best vacation idea where you are assured with many wonderful attractions and places to enjoy and have fun with – especially for tourist. The place itself is widely known as the United States tropical heaven that is preferably much better to visit during the summer. Florida will let you have wonderful views of their many popular flowery springs, fabulous views of beaches, plus a breathtaking of many different types of theme parks. Of course you will love to visit one of the most famous national park in the world which is the Everglades national park that keeps an amazing habitat of the American Alligators and Manatee. And for many interesting theme parks view – Orlando is known as the major place of theme parks in Florida where they have the famous Disney Land theme park, Universal Studio theme parks, Sea World, Island Adventures, the Cypress Garden, Busch Garden and Silver Spring. You will also love other more interesting and popular theme parks at the Legoland theme park and Harry Potter World Orlando. In fact, you can avail many cheap deals offered for a holiday trip to Florida on many reliable online travel operators which also offer an all inclusive resort accommodation for a lower cost.

And if you still think for some other interesting place to visit while enjoying your entire holiday trip in Florida – Miami spa and resort must be the best option that you can also try visiting to. Miami Beach Resort make sure to provide their visitors the most soothing and comfortable place to stay while enjoying the magical city of Miami. They offer many different types of hotels, best and luxurious spa facilities, plus an adventurous activities in both water and land activities. Miami spa and resort will also let you have other options to enjoy like their many taste of different fine dining experience, a great view from an open air boutique at the Lincoln Road, and will also love a great experience of some yachting tour and deep fishing expedition. They also have many types of an all inclusive wedding packages which can possibly accommodate a great venue for the entire wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions. You can also have many other options to choose a resort accommodation from a Partial Water View Room, Bay City View Room, Oceanfront View Room, Junior Suites and Water View Suites.

Is it safe to travel to Abu Dhabi as a homosexual safe?

My boyfriend & I are planning on taking a vacation to abu dhabi, and we were wondering if it’s safe to travel there, without being punished or have rights taken away from us.

My boyfriend & I are planning on taking a vacation to abu dhabi, and we were wondering if it’s safe to travel there, without being punished or have rights taken away from us.

Thanks 🙂
***didn’t mean to add the extra “safe”.. lol

Best reply by Amy:

As long as you aren’t open about it – holding hands, kissing in public – they’ll have no way of knowing.

Read the original question here
Is it safe to travel to Abu Dhabi as a homosexual safe?

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